Chubbsafes is Now Exclusively Distributed by CBK Hardware Inc.

Published June 21, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

(From left) Ravindran Gengadaran, Chubbsafes Country; Johnny Cobankiat, CBK President; and Eric Lim, Chubbsafes Southeast Asia Sales Director
(From left) Ravindran Gengadaran, Chubbsafes Country; Johnny Cobankiat, CBK President; and Eric Lim, Chubbsafes Southeast Asia Sales Director

The significant demand for the utmost protection doesn’t only apply to personal level, but most highly needed in business transactions specifically for commercial shops, retail environments, jewelries to financial institutions and high-risk sites. With the trust placed in the shoulders of these organizations, strengthening the value of security is highly necessary to defeat the continuing threat of burglary, fire and explosives.

With the diverse functionality offering highest ideal of security requirement, Chubbsafes is the renowned brand to gratify the desires of these institutions for comprehensive protection standard. Since the dawn of its existence, Chubbsafes is still persistent to live up to its promise in providing protection around the globe for people, cash and valuables. Trusted the world over, the presence of Chubbsafes solutions in transforming the norm in security for 200 years is evident to the wide array of its products with unique combination of robustness, reliability and modern designs – imagine feeling secured like Her Majesty, The Queen of England as Chubbsafes was awarded “A Royal Warrant of Appointment” last 2017.
As the world leader in safes manufacturing, security aspects and management, Chubbsafes products was examined for lasting function and resilience against burglary, fire and explosives, surpassing the intensive assessment of the most respected international and independent accreditation bodies to ensure the best protection available will be delivered to its consumer.
Behind the consistent pursuit of innovations of Chubbsafes in breaking the boundaries in security solutions is the noble motivation of bringing convenience and peace of mind to its customers.
The driving force of Chubbsafes inspired Co Ban Kiat Hardware to bring the oldest and champion brand in safes and vaults business in the Philippines for the Filipinos to have an access to quality security products & solutions supporting efficient cost of ownership.
Co Ban Kiat Hardware now carries Viper, Senator, Mini Banker safes and Fire File 31 cabinet. All safe models have anti-burglary and fire resistance certification by European Standards and the cabinet is UL certified.
In the name of fulfilling its mission of being faithful to its heritage of providing the Filipinos the best quality home improvement and hardware solutions, Co Ban Kiat Hardware as an exclusive distributor of Chubbsafes in the country will continue to take pride in revolutionizing the hardware arena equipped with excellent brand of service.