Akulaku aims to improve Filipino lives through fintech and ecommerce

AKUKUKU (From left) Akulaku Philippines's Senior Merchandising Officer Angela Carmina Espiritu, Operations Manager Cherry Phan, Chief Operating Officer Sean Du, Business Development Manager Zack Choo, and Marketing Manager Sure Xu.

Akulaku, the first-ever online installment shopping application in the Philippines and leading consumer finance mobile application in Southeast Asia, has reached a new milestone as it celebrates its third anniversary.

Starting its local operations three years ago, Akulaku Philippines has been giving business and employment opportunities to Filipinos. With its continuously growing workforce in operations and logistics, Akulaku also serves as a key platform for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). These businesses are significant to the company as they account for 99.5% of total business operations and 36% of the economy of the country. The company uses its platform to give an equal opportunity to growing enterprises, helping them distribute products through ecommerce.

Apart from MSMEs, another valuable client segment for Akulaku consists of big brand partners, all of which have a huge presence in Southeast Asia. Leading brands such as OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, SanDisk, ACE Electronics, Standard Appliances, Infinix, Beep, GMovies, and many others have partnered with Akulaku, building the trust of its consumers and providing them with great deals when they shop online using the application.

Akulaku completes the online shopping experience through its installment payment option and wide range of deals in various categories such as gadgets, fashion, accessories, beauty products, kitchenware, and many others. Customers can customize their payment options from three to twelve months.

"Since we brought Akulaku to the Philippines three years ago, we are surprised with how the Filipinos rapidly accepted and enjoyed the services we offer at par with the existing online shopping mobile applications in the country," said Sure Xu, Marketing Manager of Akulaku Philippines.

Beyond being an ecommerce platform, Akulaku also serves as a fintech company that offers financial assistance to its customers through cash loans at very reasonable interest and installment rates, even without the use of any credit card. It best serves the Filipinos in times of emergency without compromising their value for money. Moreover, users can employ the app as a convenient means of paying utility bills.

In celebration of its third year, Akulaku Philippines offers Mega Anniversary sale up to 90% discount to select items from June 10 to 18, 2019. Akulaku gives big discounts on select brand partners, discount coupons, daily piso flash sale, anniversary spin, and pre-selected items for a fixed down payment.

Outside the Philippines, Akulaku has a strong presence in other countries in the region, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. "With over ten million downloads in Apple Store and Google Play, there is only one mission of our business and that is to provide the most innovative but most convenient, safest, and fastest way to improve the lives of the Filipinos through our financial services catering to our merchandisers straight to our customers," said Sean Du, the COO of Akulaku Philippines.