Don’t Just Store It, Manage It: Synology’s data management solutions in the age of big data


On one occasion, an unnamed bank in the Philippines decided to embark on its own digital transformation journey. Traditionally, banks do the documentation process on paper. However, this bank wanted to make sure that it has set aside a digital copy of the documents. Eventually, the digitized documents were synchronized, making them accessible to the bank’s branches across the country. The bank did it by digitizing the documents using scanners and having them stored with the help of more than one hundred network-attached storage (NAS) devices that were acquired from Synology.

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Synology staged its solutions exhibition at its new office in Banqiao District during Computex 2019.

“It was interesting because I thought it was a complicated process, but in actuality, it was not,” said Victor Wang, ASEAN Sales Account Manager at Synology, hinting that the Taiwanese technology company’s array of solutions goes beyond storage. Having a multitude of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) under its client portfolio, Synology is seeing a lucrative market in the Philippines where MSMEs account for 99.5% of total business operations and 36% of the economy of the Philippines.

Veering away from the hustle and bustle of Computex 2019, Synology opted to bring its clients to its more relaxed solutions exhibition setup at its new office located in Banqiao District.  

“We realized that when we were presenting to clients the products separately, that approach doesn’t actually make sense. It is not meaningful to them. So we decided to change the direction. We focused on their challenges and provided them with solutions for specific scenarios, which can be explained through case studies. It is easier for us to explain our products in that way. We also did a survey to know the most popular solutions the businesses are looking for. We learned that these are backup, file storage, and surveillance,” Wang added.

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The Synology DiskStation DS1819+ NAS device offers backup features and integrated collaboration tools.

Addressing the digital transformation phenomenon among today’s organizations, Synology clearly explained that it is not only about storage, but it offers a suite of solutions consisting of a next-generation file server that offers backup and integrated collaboration tools.

“Previously, I understand that users might have external hard drives to back up their data or they don’t have any form of backup. So we need to educate them that there is a NAS solution that can help them back up their PC and it is easy to use,” he remarked. Promoting the value of NAS devices among local companies, Synology is launching a program called personal backup campaign in the Philippines.

Catering to hotels and resorts, Synology solutions also help these clients in keeping their guests’ data safe and updated. Synology has also extended its expertise to surveillance as these clients require installation of multiple cameras in their buildings and other facilities like swimming pools and other areas for monitoring and security reasons.

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An ideal PC-less video surveillance decoder -- Synology VisualStation - VS960HD comes with extreme performance to display up to 96 channels live view and recordings at the same time.

With cyberattacks becoming a more serious concern in recent years, Synology has allocated a lot of resources in order to make its products more secure. Ransomware, for example, primarily targets Windows devices. In light of this, Synology solutions serve as an additional layer of data protection. Ransomware can easily attack Windows devices, but it is more difficult on Synology NAS devices because they use DNS (Domain Name System) which is more secure. These devices also have antivirus software that quarantines suspicious files for free.

“We have joined the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system by Mitre Corporation, an association that works on finding vulnerabilities frequently. By being part of this organization, we will have first-hand information about a particular vulnerability and fix it as soon as possible. Synology is the first Taiwanese vendor and the first NAS vendor to be part of the CVE system,” Wang added.

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The Synology RT2600ac is a powerful wireless router for homes and small office setups.

With the number of mobile devices exceeding the number of PCs, Synology recognizes the value of making sure that its solutions’ features are available on mobile devices as well. All Synology features have mobile support not only on iOS but also on Android.

“In the age of big data, organizations today will have more and more demand for data management. Synology addresses this demand by providing the next-generation file server integrated with tools for collaboration and office. We believe that organizations must not only know how to store data but also, more importantly, manage their data,” Wang concluded.