MSI AMD X570 motherboards grab spotlight at Computex 2019

Positioned at the forefront of one of the biggest tech exhibitions in the region, MSI took the opportunity to showcase its latest AMD AM4 motherboard series featuring the new AMD X570 chipset. One of the largest booths at Computex 2019, MSI introduced the new boards, along with other innovations, to a crowd of nearly 50,000 visitors from different parts of the globe.

“AMD is continuously working closely with MSI to create exceptional hardware designs that deliver incredible performance for users. AMD X570 chipsets support upcoming 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen Processors and PCIe 4.0 technology, a revolutionary enhancement in transfer speed for both PCIe devices and M.2 storage,” said Chris Kilburn, corporate vice president and general manager, Client Channel, AMD. ”We are excited about what AMD and MSI deliver for our customers with MSI X570 motherboards and MSI Lightning Gen 4 solutions.”

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MSI AMD X570 Motherboard Series Models

MSI's latest series of AMD X570 motherboards is primarily divided into three categories, namely GAMING, PRESTIGE, and PRO. The GAMING is further narrowed down to three segments, catering to different types of gamers: MEG for extreme and enthusiast gamers, MPG for performance-centric gamers, and MAG for mainstream gamers. Below's a quick look at the MEG and MPG motherboard models under MSI's AMD X570 series, as well as the PRESTIGE X570 CREATION which is designed for content creators and multitaskers.

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The MEG X570 GODLIKE continues to dominate the gaming motherboard market catered not only to hardcore gamers but also to enthusiast overclockers. Exclusive GODLIKE features include the Dynamic Dashboard with OLED display for various hardware parameters, and Killer network solutions such as the Killer xTend and the latest Killer WiFi 6, providing better and more stable network connectivity. The Xtreme Audio DAC also brings a selection of premium audio hardware for the most immersive audio experiences.

Moreover, the MEG X570 GODLIKE features the new Frozr Heatsink Design, Extended Heat-pipe, and the Double-side M.2 Shield Frozr for the best thermal solution. The Mystic Light Infinity II introduces new RGB lighting effects with infinity mirror reflection effects. Bundled with the MEG X570 GODLIKE, the M.2 XPANDER-Z Gen4 card expands M.2 Gen4 SSDs and 10G Super LAN Card that provides extreme transfer speeds whether downloading huge files, playing an intensive online game, or even streaming a 4K video on the Internet.

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The MEG X570 ACE follows a golden luxurious scheme with the exclusive Mystic Light Infinity for the mirror reflection effects with millions of colors. It also features Dual LAN including 2.5G gaming LAN and WiFi 6, the latest technology to make sure of top-class networking quality. All MEG series motherboards feature Extended Heat-Pipe Design which connects between heatsinks to enlarge the surface for better heat dissipation. Audio Boost HD is an immersive audio technology that includes high definition audio processors and ESS audio DAC.  

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MSI PRESTIGE X570 CREATION: Create Your Masterpiece

The PRESTIGE X570 CREATION is ideal for content creation while doing heavy multitasking. Featuring dual LAN with 10G Super LAN, this makes sure that all network connections are faster than ever before. WiFi 6 is the next-generation networking solution that offers 3x bandwidth and lower latency. Similar to MEG series motherboards, the PRESTIGE X570 CREATION also owns a total thermal solution including Frozr Heatsink, Extended Heatpipe, and M.2 Shield Frozr. The brand-new Creator Center is an MSI-exclusive software for designers and content creators with optimized system modes and resources for a wide range of scenarios and needs.

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Inspired by supercars and concept cars, the MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WIFI is a high-performance motherboard with an intense high-speed look combined with MSI Mystic Light for colorful customization with millions of colors and 29 LED effects. The latest Lightning Gen4, Frozr Heatsink Design, and M.2 Shield Frozr ensure high-speed performance and better thermal solutions compared to the previous generation. The board also comes with WIFI 6 AX with up to 3x bandwidth, delivering speeds up to 2400Mbps, and a pre-installed I/O Shielding for more convenient installation.



The MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI comes with an upgraded larger Extended Heatsink Design with pre-installed I/O Shielding which not only improves cooling for high-end CPU, but also provides easy installation. The onboard Intel wireless-AC makes download speeds reach up to 1.73Gbps for high-speed networking connection.

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For gamers who just want to focus on playing for enjoyment or for competition, the MPG X570 GAMING PLUS provides a simple and essential platform for stable and speedy gaming with AMD Ryzen Processors. To support more processor cores, exclusive Frozr Heatsink, Extended Heatsink, and M.2 Shield Frozr are also included to make sure any thermal issues won’t occur. Furthermore, atypical PCB design also makes cable management with SATA and USB ports easier than before.

MSI AMD X570 Motherboard Series Key Features

Not only tailored for the enthusiast gamers, MSI's AMD X570 motherboards also offer more possibilities for content creators, office users, and all types of consumers. MSI has equipped its new boards with features and innovations that help customers create the most immersive experiences and maximize PC performance.

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Frozr Heatsink Design

In order to support more cores and meet the demanding requirements of AMD’s new processors, it is essential to keep a watchful eye on thermal solutions. MSI X570 motherboards make a thermal enhancement with its new Frozr Heatsink Design. It features an integrated heatsink and a patented fan with double ball bearings to achieve better durability, Propeller Blade Technology to generate more airflow and lower noise, and Zero Frozr Technology to auto-adjust fan speed by chipset temperature based on personal preference.

Lightning Gen4 Solution

All MSI X570 motherboards feature the latest Gen4 solution including PCIe and M.2 slots. The lightning Gen4 M.2 slots can support up to 64GBps bandwidth and faster transfer speed than before. For such high-performance conditions, the M.2 Shield Frozr is a necessary addition to cool down M.2 devices and prevent throttling.

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Core Boost with IR digital VRM

Core Boost technology has become one of MSI iconic features not only supporting multi-core CPUs, but also helping in creating the perfect conditions for CPU overclocking. Combining IR digital power design with all MSI X570 motherboards and dual 8-pin power supply, this feature ensures the precise and undistorted delivery to the CPU for a faster and more stable system.

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Server Grade PCB

Aiming to sustain reliable and long-lasting system performance, MSI has employed server-grade PCB construction on its X570 motherboards to prevent PCB bending and improve signal transfer effectiveness by up to 30 percent.

Dragon Center

MSI's brand new Dragon Center has adopted Universal Windows Platform (UWP) functionality to enhance versatility for all the devices. More user-friendly, the Dragon Center unifies all MSI-exclusive applications into one dashboard, enabling users to easily tweak settings or sync all MSI products at the same time.