MSI collaborates with Samsung to create a completely new curved gaming monitor trend


In just two short years, MSI has grown rapidly in the curved gaming monitor market. In 2019, MSI has become the second biggest brand in the world’s gaming monitor market. Samsung, the top display panel manufacturer that MSI has been collaborating closely with, provides unique monitor panels featuring high contrast rate, rapid response time, vibrant color range, 178 degree wide viewing angle, and up to 1500R curvature rate. Numerous gamers around the world have experienced exciting gameplay through display panels manufactured by Samsung. MSI, by having Samsung display panels inside of its curved gaming monitors, has created a curved gaming monitor trend in the PC gaming market. Having the widest range of models in curved gaming monitors from 24” to 34”, MSI is able to satisfy almost all types of gamers.

This year, MSI is honored to be visited by Samsung Display CHQ Marketing VP, KC Kang, Samsung Electronics Taiwan President, JW Uhm, as well as his team from Samsung Display headquarters in Korea, in the demonstration of the premium curved gaming monitor, the Optix MPG341CQR. Ted Hung, the General Manager of the Computing and Display Business Unit in MSI has accompanied the Samsung Team to MSI’s 2019 COMPUTEX booth, symbolizing the deep collaboration between MSI and Samsung. Based on the fact that MSI has become the fastest growing curved gaming monitor brand, both representatives from MSI and Samsung are confident that MSI and Samsung will continue collaborating, providing more curved gaming monitors for gamers to choose from.

The MSI Optix MPG341CQR is equipped with Samsung’s VA 1800R curved display panel, featuring 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms fast response time. Through the MSI-exclusive software, the Gaming OSD App, gamers can adjust the MPG341CQR’s settings easily through their keyboards and mice. The MPG341CQR is also the world’s first monitor with Smart AI gaming functionality, providing facial recognition technology as a method for users to switch monitor settings easily.

“We are looking forward to collaborating closely with Samsung in the future. With Samsung’s advanced panel engineering skills and MSI’s innovative ability in the gaming field, we will be able to create a brand new chapter in curved gaming monitors," said Ted Hung, MSI Computing and Display Business Unit General Manager

“I want to thank MSI's effort in creating and providing the best curved gaming monitors to the market. As the biggest provider of curved panels, we at Samsung Display are glad that gamers and manufacturers are now realizing the benefits of curved monitors. We look forward to keep working with MSI to create more Curved Gaming monitors in the Future.”