Why ASUSPRO desktop PCs are perfect for all SMBs


As business environments become more and more complex, managing resources, particularly for SMBs, is becoming a challenge. But, with ASUSPRO's commercial desktop series, processes are simplified, and operational efficiency is ultimately improved, making it easier for owners to handle everyday challenges, and then put more focus on growing their businesses.

Designed for professionals, suited for your needs

Every business has its unique requirements, and ASUSPRO can help businesses achieve these goals. Powered by 8th generation Intel Core processors, up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM, and a variety of storage options, each ASUSPRO commercial desktop PC can be customized to suit the needs of any business.

The ASUSPRO D540SA small form factor desktop PC The ASUSPRO D540SA small form factor desktop PC

Available in a variety of form factors, ASUSPRO commercial desktops can be integrated into nearly every office environment – no matter if space is limited. Connecting to your existing devices is also a breeze with seamless connectivity options, even for legacy devices.

Built to last, tested for reliability

Small and medium-sized enterprises need a reliable partner to perform all their resource-intensive tasks. Built to last with guaranteed stability and longevity, the ASUSPRO commercial desktop family is certified by authoritative research institutes for their industry-leading performance.

The ASUSPRO D640MB Advanced series desktop PC The ASUSPRO D640MB Advanced series desktop PC

ASUSPRO's desktop solutions also come with a 3-year on-site service guarantee, as well as a long product cycle, to eliminate the constant need for system testing, staff training, software licensing, etc., which helps you lower the total cost of ownership and saves you from additional long-term maintenance costs.

Total hardware and software security

Protecting intellectual property, information, and physical assets is a priority, even for SMBs. ASUSPRO products come with sophisticated security to protect your business and your future. You can be sure that your valuable data is safe and secure with features such as password protection, chassis intrusion protection, and even lighting surge and fire resistance.

The ASUSPRO D340MB Essential series desktop PC The ASUSPRO D340MB Essential series desktop PC

Simplified control and maintenance

System maintenance can be tough, especially if your business doesn't have a dedicated IT team. ASUSPRO's exclusive ASUS System Web-Based Management and the ASUS Business Manager software allows system administrators to conveniently manage multiple devices through a single portal, allowing for easier updates, maintenance, and shorter downtime.

No matter what needs your business requires, ASUSPRO commercial desktop PCs are your perfect partner. Stay tuned for the latest news on incredible line-up of ASUSPRO desktops on ASUS social media channels and the ASUSPRO website.