Car plates problem over as  LTO vows faster service

E CARTOON Feb 03, 2019The Land Transportation Office  (LTO) marked its 107th anniversary  early this week, highl27ighted by the welcome news that the old problem of car  plates, which began in 2013 during the previous administration, is finally  solved.

For many years now, many vehicle owners in the country have not been able to get their car plates because  of  a  problem that cropped  up after the new Aquino   administration launched a program to modernize  the  license plates of the country’s registered vehicles and awarded the contract to produce the plates  to a joint venture. The Commission on Audit (COA), however,  disallowed  the contract  in 2015 after only 4 million of 15 million plates had been issued.

The case went all the way  up  to the Supreme Court. In January,  2018, the  court  lifted  its  Notice  of Disallowance  and  in July, 2018, the Department of Transportation  approved  amendments to the contract, and the LTO is now moving to finally and completely resolve the backlog on car plates.

All this was announced last May  21  by  Assistant  Secretary Edgar C. Galvante,  chief of the LTO, on the occasion of its 107th anniversary.  Aside  from  the resolution of the long-standing legal  issue, the LTO, he said,  has now reestablished the LTO’s own Plate Making Plant and automated  production is now in full swing.

“We at the LTO are targeting to completely resolve the backlog on motor plates by mid-2020,” he said. This is LTO’s response, he said,  to President Duterte’s challenge in his State of the Nation Address in July,  2010, that “Paglabas sa casa, may plaka na.”

The LTO, Galvante said, has now also put in place modern  technology-based innovations in  payments  for  the annual  registration of motor vehicles, in improving  the  motor vehicle inspection system, in the issuance of five-year drivers’ licenses and  preparations for ten-year licenses,  in online submission  of medical certificates, in road safety operations,  in  an  anti-colorum  Oplan Barracuda,  and in various innovations for  faster and more efficient services with its Information and  Communications Technology Center,  a milestone in LTO’s history.

With all these innovations, and the end of that old problem of car plates, we look forward to better and more efficient service from this key agency, the Land Transportation Office,  of  the Department of Transportation.