A Long Way to the Top: MSI is all set to become the No.1 curved gaming monitor brand

Published May 27, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

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According to Business Wire, curved monitor sales surpassed flat monitor sales in 2018, and MSI has paid attention to this trend beginning two years ago. Understanding user demands and aiming to provide the best gaming experience, MSI has invested in developing gaming-related products such as monitors. This dedication has put MSI on the pedestal of being one of the top leading gaming brands across the globe and now on its way to emerge as the No.1 curved gaming monitor brand in the near future.

While most monitor brands put emphasis on creating flat monitors with competitive prices and specifications, MSI focused more on researching and developing products based on user habits. Learning based on user behavior, MSI strongly believes that curved gaming monitors are the future trend.

In 2017, MSI unveiled its first curved monitor under the GAMING label. In spite of the lower market share of curved monitors at that time, MSI ushered in a new era of gaming, receiving awards and recognition from various media outlets worldwide. More importantly, MSI achieved more than 460% Year-on-Year sales growth rate from 2017 to 2018. MSI also took the crown of being the No.1 curved gaming monitor rank in countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Chile, and the Philippines. Fast forward to the present, MSI is now one of the leading brands curved gaming monitor brands globally.

Prestigious award-giving organizations bestowed accolades upon MSI’s curved gaming monitor models. Earlier this year, CES Innovations Awards recognized the Optix MAG271CQR and the Optix MPG341CQR in the categories of computer hardware and components, and gaming. Ultimately, MSI’s Optix MPG27CQ hit a grand slam when it also brought home recognition from iF Design Award 2019 and Taiwan Excellence 2019.

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As a result of intensive research and development, MSI has come up with features and solutions that make the experience with its curved gaming monitors more enjoyable. The first of these is the MSI Gaming OSD APP which combines and connects RGB LED efforts with other MSI devices. MSI also developed five RGB zones on the front of the monitor to work with SteelSeries Gamesense supported by SteelSeries Engine.

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Helping gamers and general consumers in choosing the right curved gaming monitor, MSI has simplified the classification of its Optix monitors into three categories. Aimed toward top gamers, the MEG series features the most innovative and comprehensive functionalities in the industry, allowing users to perfect their craft without limits. Designed for those who know exactly what they want, the MPG series features customizable RGB LED lights and edgy back cover design. The last but not the least, targeting first-time users, the MAG series allows gamers to be familiar with the advantages and features of a gaming monitor, thanks to user-friendly classic design and interface.


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By focusing on consumer needs, the MSI brand has also developed a growing fan base. Dragon fans, many of which belong to the young demographic, have shown their loyalty to MSI’s comprehensive line of gaming products. Maintaining its connection with its fan base, MSI has devoted in engaging with its followers by leveraging various online and social media platforms, keeping them updated about new products, listening to concerns and suggestions, and giving back to them through exciting promotions and online activities.

One incident in the United States shows an MSI monitor (G27C2) was able to block a bullet. The monitor is still working, in spite of the incident. In return, MSI contacted the user, expressed sincere concern, and offered him a new monitor. MSI used this scenario to create a Twitter post promoting Anti-violence Charity.

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Going beyond being a producer of gaming products, MSI is also active in supporting the thriving global gaming ecosystem by collaborating with game publishers, gaming event organizers, and a cross-industry alliance. By combining its initiatives in researching and developing products, listening and giving back to consumers, and supporting the entire gaming ecosystem, MSI today is continuously reaping the benefits of its efforts.

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