JICA charts Davao City sewerage management plan

By Antonio Colina IV 

DAVAO CITY – A team of experts commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has started a feasibility study on Davao City’s sew­erage management system, a project that involves building wastewater treat­ment facilities along coastal areas to address the contamination in the river and beaches.

Assistant City Administrator Tristan Dwight Domingo said in an interview at the sidelines of the celebration for the enthronement of Japanese Emperor Naruhito, and the 100th anniversary of the Davao Japanese Community on Thursday the primary area recom­mended as the site for phase 1 of the sewerage treatment park project is Magsaysay Park.

Under the Infrastructure Modern­ization for Davao City (IM4Davao), a 27-year Infrastructure Modernization Plan (IM4Davao) containing short, medium, and long-term proposed high priority projects with an estimated cost of R298.4 billion, there have been six sewerage treatment parks being planned for the city.

The feasibility study, which will be completed by first quarter of 2020, will determine the suitability of Magsaysay Park as a location for the sewerage treatment plant, Domingo said.

“The proposal for wastewater treat­ment facility will be located at the coastal areas because it is where the wastewater from the uplands, or from all over the city usually passes before it reaches the sea or the ocean,” he said.

According to the JICA-funded study, the river and beach waters of the city are seriously contaminated with fecal coliform.