Lacson mulls review of party-list system; tags Cardema one reason why it became a joke

By Mario Casayuran

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson said yesterday Roland Cardema and the Duterte-Youth party-list are but two of several reasons why the party-list system has become a joke.

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson (CZAR DANCEL / MANILA BULLETIN) Senator Panfilo M. Lacson

‘’Maybe it’s time a thorough review should be undertaken to find out if it still serves the purpose for which its creation was provided in the (1987) Constitution,’’ Lacson said.

Cardema is chairman of the National Youth Commission (NYC) and chairman of the Duterte Youth Party-List.

Senator Aquilino Pimentel III said the Commission on Elections (Comelec) should resolve the issue of whether Cardema is deemed to have resigned his NYC post to become a party-list chairman.

‘’When he manifested his intention to replace, is he deemed resigned? Yon lang yong tanong doon. Okay na, kung hindi na,’’ he said. (There is no more problem if he has resigned.)

Earlier, Cardema slammed Kabataan Party-List Representative Sara Elago and leftist Kontra Daya Movement for spreading fake news just to stop the Duterte Youth Party-List, which gathered more votes than them.

In a statement, Cardema pointed out the following:

“First of all, the Duterte Administration and the Comelec did not rig the elections. Duterte Youth got more votes than Kabataan because Filipinos don’t like NPA-allied congressmen anymore. Duterte allies got more votes than opposition members because the nation is confident with President Rodrigo Duterte. Second, Elago is spreading the fake news that we filed for substitution late last May 16 (Thursday) but we already filed it even before election day. Third, Duterte Youth Party-list is registered in the Comelec to advocate for the Youth & Professionals sectors and under the latter category, there is no age limit. Fourth, Kontra Daya is led by Makabayan Bloc Member Danny Arao who is not a watchdog but an attack dog of the leftist party-lists towards other party-lists. Never did he raise points against Kabataan Party-List Representative Elago when she mobilized a mob to steal & take over the thousands of government housing units for soldiers & policemen. Never did he question Makabayan Leaders for having party-list members who are being caught as armed rebels who are burning our cell sites & government equipment, & killing our government troops.”

Cardema maintained that they have filed all the proper documents for substitution on time and we are qualified to represent the Duterte Youth Party-List and the Filipino People who voted for us, inside the Philippine Congress,’’ he said.

If allowed by Comelec that he becomes congressman, Cardema said he would move for the restoration of the mandatory Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program so that they could be mobilized for disaster response during typhoons and earthquakes.

‘’We will legislate compensation for all SK Chairmen, SK Kagawads, SK Treasurers, & SK Secretaries and give them reservist ranks in the AFP Reserve Force. We will restore the Death Penalty for Rapists, Heinous Crimes, & for Armed Rebels/Terrorists. Duterte Youth Party-List will lead the millions of Filipino Youth in spreading nationalism & discipline in our nation, unlike the Kabataan Party-List who tries to evoke the emotions of every Filipino youth to bring down our Government & to attack our Government Troops. We will create Citizens Arrest Squads in every town & city who will help our peace-loving citizens in reporting & arresting vandalizers, those who litter our streets, perverts who sexually attack our women, neighbors who perform animal cruelty on their pets, traffic violators trying to escape, and all those we encounter daily that make our society degrade. That’s what we will do in all areas of the country. Inside Congress, Duterte Youth is now ready to fight and defend the Government, our Government Troops, & the majority of the Filipino Youth, against all those radical leftist party-lists in Congress whose main goal is to bring down our Government. We are not red-tagging; we get our information from NPA surrenderees who are all tired of your anti-government propaganda inside & outside Congress.”