Camanava nets 405 violators of city ordinances

Published May 16, 2019, 12:11 PM

by Patrick Garcia

By Dylan Afuang

A total of 405 violators of city ordinances in Camanava were rounded up by the Northern Police District (NPD) from May 15 to 16, up by 65 from the 340 previously counted.

The violated ordinances include drinking in public, smoking ban, half-naked in public, minors violating curfew, and adults or minors involved in riots or gang wars.

There were 296 violators in Caloocan, with 78 caught drinking in public; 76 violating the smoking ban; 91 were found half-naked in public; and 36 minors violated the curfew. Fifteen people were reportedly involved in riots.

In Malabon, five people were caught drinking in public; six were half-naked; and 31 minors violated curfew.

In Navotas, 42 violated the smoking ban; six minors violated the curfew; and three were half-naked in public and one was involved in riots. One was caught drinking in public.

In Valenzuela, one minor violated curfew and 13 people were involved in riots.

The NPD said that of the 405, 342 were warned and 63 were fined. No one was charged.