DOJ concludes preliminary investigation on 4 suspect Abu Sayyaf terrorists

By Jeffrey Damicog

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has concluded its preliminary investigation over four arrested suspected members of the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

Department of Justice (MANILA BULLETIN)
Department of Justice (MANILA BULLETIN)

“The preliminary investigation is over. The case has been submitted for resolution,” said Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Olive Torrevillas.

Torrevillas conducted the preliminary investigation on the complaint filed by the Major Crimes Investigation Unit of the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation Group (PNP-CIDG) against married couple Khadela Tawasil Jainal and Abdurrafie Jalas Danial, and female suspects Fatma Musa Narimin, and Almaida Salvin.

Police alleged that the suspects were followers of ASG sub-leader Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan, and were being utilized by the ASG for their financial transactions, procurement, and transportation of firearms and explosives, and the facilitation of recruitment and travel of foreign fighters to the Philippines.

The four were arrested last April 16 in Barangay Talabaan, Zamboanga City where they were found in possession of two fragmentation grenades; a nine-volt battery with a switch; an eco bag containing white granules suspected to be ammonium nitrate; a timer with wire; several wires with alligator clip; concrete nails; two non-electric blasting caps with a safety cover; and, identification cards.

Following their arrest, they were brought to the DOJ last April 17 where they were subjected to inquest proceedings for illegal possession of explosives in violation of Republic Act 9516.

During the proceedings, the suspects decided to undergo preliminary investigation and signed a waiver of the provisions of Article 125 of the Revised Penal Code that penalizes delay in the delivery of a detained person to the proper judicial authorities.