Quezon barangay councilman slain

Published May 10, 2019, 5:22 PM

by AJ Siytangco

By Danny Estacio 

SAN ANDRES, Quezon – A barangay councilman was shot dead inside his house at Sitio Bahay, Barangay Tala, in this town Friday morning.

Police reported that Rodini Boot, 37, member of the Tala Barangay Council was sleeping with his wife when they woke up after hearing noises coming from the receiving area.

When the couple went to the receiving area, they found two men who had burst into the house.

One of the men grabbed Boot’s wife and covered her mouth with his hand. Pointing a gun at the couple, the man asked them where do they hide their money.

The wife accompanied one of the men inside the bedroom and handed him the money.

The wife then heard gun­shots from the receiving area. When she got out of the bedroom she saw her husband sprawled on the floor.

It was the fourth incident of killing in this town since the local campaign period started, police said.