Central Visayas jeepney fare raised

Published May 8, 2019, 3:37 PM

by Patrick Garcia


By Calvin Cordova

CEBU CITY—The minimum jeepney fare in Central Visayas has been increased to P8 from P6.50.

The provisional fare hike went into effect after the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) approved the petition of a transport group.

Under certain conditions, jeepney fares may be returned to the old rate, said Eduardo Montealto, LTFRB regional director.

“It can be reverted if there is a drastic drop in fuel prices. If fuel prices return to what it was some time in November and December, we can recommend reversion,” Montealto said.

The increase was approved by LTRFB under Resolution No. 92 series of 2019. It was signed by LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra and its board members last April 24.

Only the minimum fare was raised. The rate for the succeeding kilometers was unchanged.

Montealto said jeepney drivers can only start charging the new fare if they have already acquired a copy of the new fare matrix from LTFRB.

Jeepney owners and operators must pay P50 for the fare matrix for each unit, said Montealto.

He reminded passengers not to pay the new fare if the jeepney has no copy of the new matrix.

In seeking for the higher fare, 1-United Transport Koalisyon (1-UTAK) cited the soaring prices of fuel and the fact that Region 7 has the lowest minimum fare in the country.

The group had filed for a P2-increase but Montealto pegged it at P1.50.

“We didn’t want to cause too much burden on the riding public. It’s better to have it at P8 since it’s still provisional. We can increase it if needed,” he said.