Pro-Life PH lists its preferred candidates

Published May 5, 2019, 3:32 PM

by Patrick Garcia

By Leslie Ann Aquino

Pro-Life Philippines Foundation has urged voters to give utmost consideration to the candidates’ views on divorce, same-sex marriage and death penalty in the May 13 midterm polls.

To give the electorate an idea, the group came out with a list of senatorial candidates who are pro life and pro family.

However, Pro-life Philippines stressed that the list merely aims to inform and not an official endorsement.

“It is not for us to dictate to anyone on who to vote for. This post is not an official endorsement by Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, but is informational in aim,” the group said in a Facebook post.

According to the group, they have received a number of requests for a list of senatorial candidates who are consistently pro-life and pro-family.

“Pro-life and pro-family candidates are those who oppose the legalization of divorce, of same-sex ‘marriage’, and of the death penalty, as part of their electoral platform,” Pro-Life said.

“Given the current administration’s rhetoric in favor of violent extra-legal actions against suspected / alleged drug users, it is also open to question whether senatorial candidates who are aligned with Duterte can ever be considered ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-family’, the group added.

A thorough study by a member of Filipinos for Life of the platforms of all the senatoriables, Pro Life revealed the following pro-life and pro-family senatorial candidates.

Opposed to divorce, same-sex “marriage”, and the death penalty; not aligned with the duterte administration:

1) Gary Alejano
2) Romeo “Maca Romy” Macalintal
3) Nancy Binay
4) Sonny Matula

Opposed to divorce, same-sex marriage, and the death penalty, aligned with Duterte or pro-Duterte political forces:

1) Elmer Francisco
2) Dan Roleda

Opposed to divorce and same-sex “marriage. But inconsistent on the death penalty:

1) Grace Poe
2) Cynthia Villar

To note, there are 62 candidates running for senator in the May 13 midterm polls.