Snap Cat! Tips and tricks on how to capture cat photos and videos



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Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. The US Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook revealed that there are approximately 86.4 million pet cats in the United States, outnumbering the 78.2 million pet dogs in that country alone.

Cats don’t only dominate households, but also the Internet. Apart from being among the most searched, there are more cat-related content on the Internet than those of dogs. YouTube is home to more than two million cat videos, and each of which enjoys an average of 12,000 views. The New York Times also described cat images as the essential building block of the Internet.

But what makes a good cat photo or video and how to capture them? Check out these tips and tricks on how to snap a shot of your feline friend.

Take it easy


Let the cat find a spot where it feels comfortable. It could be the kitchen counter, couch or simply the floor where it does the things a cat would normally do. A spot where the cat likes to do bird watching, a window sill is ideal because of the gentle ambient light coming from the outside. Do not force the cat in a place where it doesn’t feel safe or relaxed as it may simply leave you or run away.

Angling and framing


Explore different angles when snapping cat photos. You may shoot from above while it is lying on the floor or sleeping. Mix in, play around, and shoot at cat’s view level so that it will feel more relaxed and see you as its companion. Framing is a good idea especially when they are playing in the garden or hiding among the bushes. Snapping from below or worm’s view level may also produce amusing results.

Capture their curiosity

Cats have the tendency to get easily bored that you may end up with dull photos. In order to avoid that, prepare some objects that will attract its attention like some treats or cat toys before taking photos. Rustling sounds can also stimulate your cat’s inquisitiveness, so better prepare a plastic wrapper or a sheet of paper. Coercing the cat to make unnatural poses is not advisable. Be patient and respect them.

Details, details, details

Do not forget to take a shot of your cat’s interesting details. The most popular of these are the eyes as they quickly react to varying lighting conditions. To give emphasis on your cat’s breed, take a look at the color, pattern or texture of its coat. Do not forget to focus on the other amusing details of your cat such as the nose, ears, paws, and tail; doing so will surely bring you cute results.

Be always prepared

Cats are unpredictable creatures; they will do awkward and funny things at any time in any place. That said, be always ready to have a smartphone equipped with a good camera so that you wouldn’t miss those meme-worthy moments. Take plenty of photos or, much better, record several videos of your cat, especially when they are playing around and having fun with your dog or other pets in the house. Upload that photo or video on Facebook or YouTube; who knows, it might become next viral Internet sensation!

Choosing the right smartphone

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Speaking of a smartphone with a good camera for taking impressive cat photos and videos, HONOR has recently brought to the Philippines the new HONOR 8C. Carrying a 13MP+2MP dual-camera system on the back, the HONOR 8C goes beyond the megapixel count by showcasing its imaging capability with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The dual AI camera system of the HONOR 8C is capable of recognizing and optimizing images, including cats, based on 500 scenarios in 22 categories.

Coupled with an aperture of F1.8, HONOR 8C's camera ensures that users will capture remarkable cat photos regardless of lighting conditions. Anticipating cat lovers will shoot tons of images, including selfies with the 8-megapixel front camera, HONOR has equipped the 8C with 32GB built-in storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via microSD. Plus, the 8C comes with a 4000mAh battery so you could capture cat photos and videos all day long.

Sporting a 6.26-inch FullView display with high-definition screen resolution, the Honor 8C provides users with a crisp and vibrant view of cat photos and videos on their phone, while taking care of their eye's health. The Honor 8C features a new generation eye comfort mode, certified by TUV Rheinland, which reduces blue light radiation emitted by the screen to protect the user's eyes and prevent eye strain, especially in lowlight conditions.

Moreover, the HONOR 8C is the first smartphone to feature the Cat's Eye design. Available only on the blue variant, it is destined to turn heads with its gem-like glow, a subtle effect achieved by using the innovative 3D printing and nano-level pattern design technologies. The smartphone is available in black and gold versions as well.

Launching another first in the smartphone industry, the unveiling of the HONOR 8C marked the debut of Meowington, the cat ambassador of the new smartphone, making HONOR the first smartphone brand to introduce an animal ambassador. In addition, HONOR has partnered with the organization Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) to bring such a one-of-its-kind endorsement to a more meaningful level.

The HONOR 8C is now available in the Philippines for the price of PhP 7,999. Check out the official Honor Philippines website, Facebook page, and Instagram to learn more about the latest special deals and promotions on the HONOR 8C and other HONOR smartphones.