Tech4Ed website breached


Tech4Ed website defaced, more than four million lines of data downloaded by the hacker.

KangKong, hacker and member of the local hacking group Pinoy LulzSec claims that user profile including full name, birthday, address, civil status, gender, education, skills, achievements and other minor details were downloaded from the Tech4Ed server.

The hacker initially said that he believed more than ten thousand individuals are affected. He, however revised his estimate upon checking again and said that it could be as high as 200 thousand users whose data are now in his possession.

The hacker also said that the DICT no longer maintains the Tech4Ed servers and that when the DICT was still in control, their group could not breach it.

Tech4Ed is a project of DOST-ICT Office that aims to harness ICT to enable, empower, and transform society to create an inclusive, integrated and equitable countryside through providing opportunities for employment and empowering entrepreneurs.