San Juan City deploys building audit team in the wake of 6.1 quake

Published April 23, 2019, 2:40 PM

by Patrick Garcia

The San Juan City infrastructure audit team today conducted inspection activities in various public buildings including the city hall and an elementary school in response to President Duterte’s call for the said activity.


San Juan City mayor Guia Gomez and Vice Mayor Janella Ejercito Estrada immediately convened the team to inspect schools and other buildings owned by the city government.

Mayor Gomez issued Executive Order No. GGG-03–008 RECONSTITUTING the City’s infrastructure audit team early this year.

The Building Official heads the team assisted by the City Engineer.

Vice mayor Ejercito Estrada said the city must comply with the President’s order and that of the new order of the Department of Education for city engineers, architects, and DRRM offices as well as school officials to undertake a thorough investigation of all school buildings and facilities before allowing personnel and students to enter the facilities.

The infra audit team were instructed to submit its report to Mayor Gomez and Vice-Mayor Estrada within the week.