Gordon denounces Olongapo Mayor’s appointment of relatives to high paying jobs

By Mario Casayuran

Senator Richard J. Gordon, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, Tuesday denounced what he described as unfair appointment of several relatives of Olongapo City Mayor Rolen C. Paulino to various, high-paying positions in the city government.

Senator Richard Gordon (Czar Dancel / MANILA BULLETIN)
Senator Richard Gordon (CZAR DANCEL / MANILA BULLETIN)

“It is really unfair, indecent and scandalous that a number of Paulino’s relatives are holding high-paying positions in the city government when salaries for entry-level positions for nurses, teachers and policemen are low,’’ Gordon said.

‘’Aside from those holding plantilla positions, there are also a number of consultants that the government is paying P24.850-million per year for consultancy services,” Gordon pointed out.

He said the city has no budget for hiring doctors that the James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital (JLGMH) has to make do with Nepalese and Pakistani resident doctors.

‘’Yet, it spends millions for consultants, aside from his relatives holding plantilla positions. Imagine how many doctors can be hired for the P24 million alone?” he added.

Gordon said documents sent to his office showed that among Paulino’s relatives employed in the Office of the Mayor include the following: his son Robert Reginald Paulino, Executive Assistant V, who gets P783,552/ year or P65,396/month; his daughter Crizzabel Emarie Paulino, Executive Assistant III, who receives P519,000/year or P43,250/month; his brother Roldan Pascubillo, Executive Assistant II, who gets P392,092/year or P32,674/month; Miguelito Pascubillo, Jr., Administrative Aide VI, P166,212/year or P13,851/month; Meguila Pascubillo, Administrative Aide III, P136,644/year or P11,387/month; his sister-in-law Joveline Pascubillo, Administrative Aide III, P136,644/year or P11,387/month; and Danica Idanan, Administrative Aide III, common-law-wife of his son Francis, who gets P136,644/year or P11,387/month, among others.

For government nurses, a Nurse 1 gets a salary of P235,440/year or P19,620/month; for public school teachers, a Teacher 1 is entitled to P242,148/year or P20,179/month; and for law enforcers, a Police Officer 1(PO1) receives P356,016/year or P29,668/month.

Also as chairman of the Senate justice and human rights committee, Gordon slammed the practice of nepotism.

Nepotism means the allocation and distribution of appointments in the government on the basis of kinship.

Gordon said the Civil Service Commission has issued a memorandum banning the appointment in the national, provincial, city or municipality or any branch thereof in favor of the relatives or the appointing or recommending authority or the chief of the bureau or office or of the person exercising immediate supervision over the appointee.

“The memorandum also provides that “unless otherwise provided by law, the word relative and the members of the family referred to are those related within the third degree either of consanguinity or of affinity,” he added.