Beyond products, a customer-first attitude

Published April 15, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

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Susan Yang, Marketing Director at Kingston APAC and Weina Chen PR Supervisor

In recent years, with the tremendous growth in the mobile landscape, ecommerce, and eSports happening in the country, Kingston is now seeing a stronger potential in the Philippine market.

Bolstering its relationship with Filipino customers, Kingston is encouraging its end-users to purchase Kingston products only from authorized sources in the Philippines. In line with this objective, the world leader in memory, storage, and technology solutions has put up the authorized channel network in the country.

Kingston products via authorized sources

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Established last year, the network is Kingston’s manifestation of ensuring Filipino consumers will have access to complete Kingston product line ups that are of topnotch quality and offered with the full aftersales service, including lifetime warranty for some products.

“Most of you might know, we are receiving market feedback from customers and channel partners. Many of our end-users are asking where they can buy Kingston products. Our products are available in many places, but not all of them have the full support from the authorized distribution network,” said Susan Yang, Marketing Director at Kingston APAC.

“Many of them could be parallel imports. Those cannot get the full aftersales service from proper distributors. We have many products like DRAMs and cards, and if they didn’t come from the proper shop, the customers cannot enjoy the warranty. They can go back to the shop and ask for help, but that is not possible,” Yang explained.

Available only on the company’s DRAM modules and memory card offerings, Kingston’s lifetime warranty lasts until the product reaches EOL (end of life). Once the product becomes EOL, Kingston may reimburse the defective product based on the current market value, a privilege exclusive to products that were purchased from authorized sources.

“Another plus of getting genuine Kingston products is that if we are running promotions or we have special discounts, customers can avail these through our network of partners. We want our partners to have a premium edge versus other resellers out there,” she said.

In the Philippines, Kingston’s authorized network includes more than 300 shops across the country, a number which the company aims to expand further. In addition to physical stores, the network also covers online shops, a testament of Kingston’s recognition of the growing ecommerce landscape in the country.

“We do have partners that are selling on popular ecommerce sites here like Lazada and Shopee. We are building the Kingston brand for the ecommerce platform as well. When they visit these sites, our customers will be able to identify the resellers which are included in our authorized network,” Yang added.

In connection with its online initiatives, Kingston also launched last year the live chat, enabling customers to seek for and receive instant feedback and technical support in any place, whether they are on a smartphone, laptop or a desktop PC. (Available at Mon – Fri, 9-16 GMT+8)

Simplified branding and customer education

Providing further a better experience to its customers, Kingston also simplified its classification and naming convention for its memory card products. Last year, the company rebranded its line of cards, naming it the Canvas Series.

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“Memory cards are something that we would like to focus on this year. Just last year, we rebranded our line of cards, naming it the Canvas Series. We do understand that for memory cards, they are mostly used for cameras and phones which are devices designed to embrace creativity. The memory cards serve as a canvas for users to create art,” Yang expounded.

“The reason we rebranded the cards is we want to simplify the selection, similar to having a good, better, and best option, and choose based on the application and advertise them accordingly. We simplified it, so we now have Select, Go, and React which are available in both microSD and SD card formats,” she added.

In recent years, Kingston has been active in making Kingston- and HyperX-branded products visible among Filipino consumers. This year, that company aims to start to talk to the market based on the application of the solution itself.

“In the past, we were really focused on specifications such as speed, but for many regular users, unless they are fully informed, they do not know it’s meaning or if it is applicable to their phone or camera. This year, these are some things that we want to address more,” said Weina Chen, PR Supervisor at Kingston APAC.

Being a key player in the solid state drive (SSD) market, Kingston also aims to continue to focus on educating consumers. Previously, the strategy was focused on the reason why to use it. Now, the company wants to let them know the different kinds of solutions available for them. There are different types for different end-users. There is the entry-level that makes laptops more portable and reliable. We also have the process-intensive type like the M.2 SSDs.

“In recent years, we have been talking about 2.5-inch SATA SSDs. Right now, we’re trying to push more the M.2 and PCIe NVMe interfaces because we’re seeing more and more people who are using these on their laptops. We’ve been trying to educate people on what kind of SSD they should choose based on the kind of environment where they work,” Chen explained.

“We do have the A400 series that is for everyday users. This year, we now have the M.2 version which is an affordable choice for users to upgrade their existing systems. This year, we also have a big push for data centers, so we will have the new DC series SSDs later this quarter,” she added.