Sky bundles unli broadband with WiFi solutions via new plans


Families who have experienced weak WiFi and dead spots in their home can now enjoy a strong internet connection as SKY Fiber launches new subscription plans bundled with a WiFi solution.

SKY Fiber’s Unli Fiber Broadband + Home WiFi plans offer unlimited fiber broadband from 20Mbps up to 100Mbps, as well as the benefits of having the TP-Link WiFi Mesh, which eliminates WiFi dead spots and connectivity drops by distributing the signal evenly in homes.

The plan comes with free service from the SKY TechXperts who will install them - ensuring that the whole home will have WiFi coverage to allow subscribers to experience seamless broadband connectivity.

Plans start at 20Mbps for only P1,999 per month. SKY Fiber Unli Fiber Broadband + Home WiFi is now available in Metro Manila. Visit the website for more details.