Partylist nominee hurt in campaign rally scuffle

By Liezle Basa-Iñigo 

A nominee of LPGMA party-list was injured when a scuffle broke out during a campaign rally in Barangay Fely, Macona­con, Isabela.

The Isabela provincial police reported Friday that Allan Ty, 45, a 2nd nominee of LPGMA, had injuries on the mouth and nose after coming to blows with Abdulwali Villanueva, 45, a candidate for mayor in Ma­conacon.

Police said the rally of PDP Laban was in progress at the municipal gymnasium when Villanueva showed and began provoking the attendees.

A commotion erupted and Villanueva and Ty started to fight.

Police assigned to the rally restored order and arrested Villanueva. #MatalinongBoto2019