Huge drug haul raises perception of worsening drug problem

By Chito Chavez

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Wednesday said the large volume of shabu and cocaine seized by anti-narcotics operatives recently raised the public’s belief of the worsening illegal drug woes in the country.

Derrick Arnold Carreon PDEA spokesman said this kind of public perception was fueled by the billions of illegal drugs confiscated by PDEA and the PNP.

PDEA spokesman Derrick Arnold Carreon (PNA / MANILA BULLETIN)
PDEA spokesman Derrick Arnold Carreon (PNA / MANILA BULLETIN)

He noted that PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino cannot blame President Duterte for stating that the illegal drug problem in the country is getting worse.

“It used to be, when we started, the trend of operations before we used to be happy with confiscating by the grams… 10, 25, 50, 100,’’ Carreon said.

Carreon cited the confiscation of 274 kilograms of shabu worth P1.9 billion in Tanza, Cavite on February 3; the seizure of 168 kilograms of shabu worth P1.14 billion in Muntinlupa City on March 19; and the recent confiscation of 276 kilograms of shabu worth P1.9 billion at Manila International Container Port last week.

Despite criticisms, Carreon hailed the men and women of PDEA and the other law enforcement agencies for risking their lives to perform their anti-illegal drug duties.

“What is important is the dedication of the government to eradicate illegal drugs in the Philippines,’’ Carreon said.

Insisting the Duterte administration’s fight against illegal drugs remains successful, Carreon said the government is right on track due to the larger haul illegal drugs that are confiscated.

President had declared the worsening drug problems in the country saying his police officers are on the verge of giving up.

Carreon also said that the country’s archipelagic geography makes it easier for international illegal drug syndicates to ship in their contraband.