Grand Videoke marks 20 years with the Symphony SE Pro Plus

Filipinos' love affair with karaoke is known all over the world. But as fond of the activity as we are as a nation, owning your own videoke system at home wasn't very popular until just about two decades ago. This revolution in the industry was started in 1999, when a new brand of portable videoke microphones called WOW! Videoke was introduced in the country.

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What made the product appealing was its simplicity and convenience. After all, you simply plug the device to your TV and start singing. The brand's partnership with the Department of Tourism proved to be beneficial. By using beautiful Philippine sceneries and tourist destinations as picture backgrounds, not only did WOW! Videoke helped promote tourism, it touched a chord with Filipinos here and abroad as it gave a sense of home and pride when using the product. The product became a hit and the landscape of the industry has never been the same.

After nearly a decade since its launch, WOW! Videoke would further revolutionize the industry by introducing a new premium sub-brand. Initially called WOW! Premium, it was eventually rebranded to Grand Videoke in 2013. The brand focused on delivering the latest innovations to the consumer. Grand Videoke would be instrumental in bringing numerous firsts, like the highly-touted Voice Command feature. Today, Grand Videokeremains to be the most advanced videoke brand.

A Classic Reimagined

In celebration of its 20-year heritage, Grand Videoke has unveiled the Symphony SE Pro Plus in 2019. The product may look familiar at first glance. After all, it sports the iconic design of the first Symphony model. But inside, the Symphony SE Pro Plus is infused with the latest videoketechnology available in the market today. The product represents a perfect blend of contrast. Its throwback design reminds of its heritage while the technology equipped shows the brand's innovative spirit.

One such innovation in the Symphony SE Pro Plus is the Perfect Pitch Interactive Voice Coach. This proprietary feature makes the user become a better singer by teaching them how to sing on-key. It also provides detailed scores on four areas -- Key/ Rhythm, Vibrato, Upband and Downband, indicating potential areas for improvement. Perfect Pitch is certainly a great tool to help budding singers master each song, just as if a vocal coach is right beside you. 

Best known for introducing the Voice Command feature a few years back, the new Symphony SE Pro Plus now integrates this feature and a lot more into an exclusive mobile app called the GV Smart App.  With this new Voice Command+ in-app feature, searching for a favorite songs is easy. Simply dictate the song title or artist name into a phone, and play the song directly from the app. Finding a song takes mere seconds! 

Expanding karaoke interactivity, the GV Smart App also lets the user send content like pictures, messages, and music with its GV Air Transfertechnology. Through this feature, one can create a personalized atmosphere by using your own pictures as backgrounds. Or if you prefer, type fun messages directly to the TV screen to cheer or distract your friends as they sing, and get everyone bursting into laughter. This feature really adds a different dynamic to each karaoke session. 

While the Symphony SE Pro Plus already boasts an impressive 8,500+ songs, adding more has never been easier and more convenient. Everything is done seamlessly and wirelessly in just three easy steps. First, download a preferred song update volume to the GV Smart App. Next, key in an authentication code which you can purchase online. Finally, sync and transfer songs from the app to the Grand Videoke device. 

Grand Videoke has always exceled in the sound department. But this new generation Symphony model pushes the envelope with HD+ Audioquality. Powered by the Dream SAM2634 sound chip, the device is capable of churning out tunes that trumps CD-sound quality. Even better, a number of songs are produced using live orchestral accompaniment called 3D RealSound.

Grand Videoke also goes all out in creating that true concert-like experience with GrandVoice Technology wireless microphones. Utilizing pro-audio technology, vocal reproduction is loud and clear, allowing the singer to perform confidently and effortlessly.

Anniversary Treat

With all these advanced features, one would expect the Symphony SE Pro Plus to be at the 'flagship' price range. But Grand Videoke is giving fans an anniversary treat with a promo price of only P27,999.

As a pioneer and trusted brand in the industry, Grand Videoke has forged partnerships with top dealers in the country. The Symphony SE Pro Plus is already available at more than 500 stores nationwide and through online stores like The WOW! Store, Lazada, and Shopee. Visit for more information.