31 celebrities in PDEA drug watch list

By Chito Chavez

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Tuesday confirmed that 31 celebrities are included in its drug watch list, and not on the narco-list.

PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino explained the names included in the watch list were not yet validated, unlike the ones which are already in President Duterte’s list.

PDEA Dir Aaron Aquino speaks during a press conference at the PDEA headquarters in Quezon City, April 25 2018. (Mark BAlmores / MANILA BULLETIN)
PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino (MARK BALMORES / MANILA BULLETIN)

Aquino said that some of the showbiz personalities in the drug watch list are television hosts.

Expressing frustration, Aquino said some of those included in DEA’s drug watch list even portray wholesome roles.

“Sila pa mismo ang tinutularan ng ating mga kabataan pero kung umorder ng ecstasy, 200 piraso {They even serve as role models as the youth look up to them but in reality they order as much as 200 pieces ecstasy),” Aquino said.

But Aquino said PDEA has to strictly confirm and validate those personalities included in the drug watch list to ensure the accuracy of the roster.

Aquino has also recognized that the validation and evaluation in the watch-list will take a long time to complete.

The PDEA chief said there were around 60,000 personalities on the said watch list.

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