Double celebration: Pregnant woman passes medical board exams while in labor

By MB Online

It was a double celebration for a mother who hit two birds with one stone – giving birth to her baby boy, and passing the Physician’s Licensure Examination.

Newly-licensed physician Stefanelle Atienzar Sibuyan posted on her Facebook page how she was able to take the medical board exams, deliver her baby, and eventually pass the board.

The post has so far garnered 21,000 reactions and 5,100 shares.

Sibuyan narrated how she was able to take exams last March 11 at the Mary Chiles College in Sampaloc, Manila while, at the same time, feeling labor pains.

In her post, she explained that she was already one to two centimetres dilated and 60-percent effaced one week before the board exam. But still, she was able to review, and browse through her reading materials while in bed.

A day before the last two remaining days of the examination, she experienced spotting with intense menstrual cramps and then her water broke.

However, she decided not to tell anyone, not even her partner, Giordan Miranda Dela Cruz, because she knew he would immediately rush her to the nearest hospital.

Instead, Sibuyan insisted that her partner should just wait outside the testing area.

During the first exam, she had labor pain contractions with 15 to 30-minute interval but finished the exam after an hour.

During breaks, she tried resting and sleeping while constantly monitoring her baby’s movements and heart tones.

While keeping it together, she managed to act normal, and even mustered a smile at the proctor, as she finished the last exam in 20 minutes, while enduring regular contractions every three minutes.

Dela Cruz was already waiting outside when Sibuyan finished. They tried to hail a taxi to no avail.

This was why the couple just decided to have the baby delivered at the testing site itself – the Mary Chiles Hospital.

Diagnosis revealed that Sibuyan was already 10 centimeter fully dilated. At 3:15 p.m, she was all set in the delivery room and successfully delivered her baby boy, Graeden Euri, at 3:26 p.m. via normal birth.

“I had 1 loose cord coil on my neck which is a blessing in disguise because that won’t let me push thru, not on the testing site while mommy’s still answering,” the post read.

It was an exam made tougher by her condition, but Sibuyan would learn three days later that she had passed the medical board exams.

However, the baby had to be readmitted due to neonatal sepsis because of the mother’s ruptured bag of water for more than 12 hours and had to intake doses of antibiotics of load of calcium to recover.

“Hats off to my doctor mom! I’m not a hindrance to my mommy’s success rather a blessing from up above. Mommy said I’m a risk worth taking. Now, I’m daddy and mommy’s sweet li’l bundle of joy,” the post ended.