Huawei Watch GT: All the Good Times Told

Huawei Watch GT (1)

The Huawei Watch GT is Huawei telling you to expect great things from them. The recent release of the Mate 20 series, plus the tease of the P30 Pro, serves only as an appetizer for what the company is planning in the near future. With the Watch GT, Huawei is letting tech hungry enthusiasts are in for a treat.

One of the most important thing about the Huawei Watch GT is the aesthetics. It doesn’t scream high-tech, it’s subtler in its approach, with a responsive and easy-to-use screen. The visuals are bright and rich in colors.

The Watch GT was designed with metal and ceramic in mind. Huawei has done their work in crafting a device that resembles as a premium traditional watch.

The Huawei Watch GT has an amazing battery life with up to two weeks. It’s a little more than expected, considering only a few years ago, such devices only lasted a little over a day. As if charging by itself is a hassle, the Huawei Watch GT comes with a wireless charging dock, something you can place virtually anywhere.

Of course, for a smartwatch to standout from regular watches, the Huawei Watch GT is also a fitness tracker. There’s nothing new in that department, but Huawei has improved on its implementation and can read various heart rates.

For some out there who might be wondering why it’s important smartwatches keep constant surveillance over your heart rate – it’s simply because your increased heart rate during exercise should match your fitness level.

The Watch GT uses Huawei’s own designed LightOS. It helps with the speed and performance of the device, allowing for smooth app launches and no stutters in between. The LightOS is also the beginning of Huawei taking the steering for their own. Other smartwatches have relied on Android’s Wear OS. So it’s understandable that the LightOS still has plenty of room for improvements, such as a broader app support. Given seeing how Huawei has been churning out impressive technologies year after year, we’re really excited as to which direction the Huawei Watch series would go.

The Watch GT offers plenty of fitness-related apps, primarily the Workout app. This lets you choose multiple modes such as Indoor Run or Outdoor Run. The built-in GPS is fantastic and syncs up really fast. So you can expect some of the most accurate tracking you can get yet. Besides fitness apps, we get a compass, stopwatch, timer, weather, you know, those staple things.

The Watch GT is also 5ATM, which means its waterproof enough. So go ahead and take a dive with it.

With the Huawei app, you can connect the Watch GT to an iOS or Android device, which will allow you to customize just enough to receive notifications through the smartwatch. You won’t be able to respond to any notifications through the watch, which we found was quite fine. We’ve always considered smartwatches to merely let you know who texted or called you, without you having to fumble with your phone.

If you compare the Huawei Watch GT to their previous smartwatch initiatives, the gap between the two is a chasm. The Watch GT has a great design and an excellent software to support it. The LightOS shows a promise, and we’re eager how Huawei is going to take the next step.