AVITAS Liber: Beauty is Not Hidden

Published March 18, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


AVITA is relatively new player in the country when it comes to distributing their own brand of laptops. And they’re showing everyone that they’re not kidding around with their product lineup.

The AVITA Liber sports an aluminum design. It’s quite hefty but lighter than those gaming laptops. I found the keyboard comfortable to use, with each key spaced out evenly. It sports a large touchpad, which is something you might want when you need to use a photo editing tool or software that requires a large pointer navigation.

Somewhere down the road laptops has become a contradictory of itself. Becoming larger and bulkier as more technology is crammed into its limited space. The result is a mobile desktop at best, you can easily move it around the house when needed, but it’s a big hassle when stuffing it into your bag for travel and commute. The AVITA Liber is the kind of laptop that you need if you will be traveling most of the time, or if you need a very packable device. It’s slim and the power brick isn’t too large.

While the AVITA Liber is powerful enough to run professional level applications such as video editing software, you’d be fooling yourself if you think you’ll be able to play games here. Maybe some games will work fine, the classic Doom and Doom 2, perhaps Red Alert 2, StarCraft, the first two WarCraft games, and perhaps some indie games from Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The Liber sports a 720p webcam, which provides sufficient quality video calls and recording. The 1080p screen itself is fantastic. Those hungry for 2K or 4K displays won’t be impressed. But for most people who are more than happy with a normal 1080p, the Liber is more than capable to deliver what they need.

The Liber has two standard USB ports, which lets you connect a mouse, keyboard, a flashdrive, external hard drive, a drawing pad, or whatever device you might need. This is followed with a USB Type C, a memory card slot, and an HDMI port. You’re basically modern proof with all these ports.

The AVITA Liver caters to people who needs a laptop more for travel and work, and less about processing power. It’s an excellent machine to have for typing, working on your presentation, and some software.