‘Waterless’ residents in QC lash out at Manila Water

Published March 15, 2019, 11:00 AM

by AJ Siytangco

By Chito Chavez

Millions of Quezon City residents lashed out at east zone water concessionaire Manila Water for its inaccurate water supply distribution schedules that had caused them extreme inconvenience.

Expressing severe exasperation, the disgruntled consumers demanded Manila Water to get its act together and provide the people with accurate advisories to soften up the difficulty being experienced by their clients.

The consumers said their call was not meant to chide any particular Manila Water employee but was merely done to call the attention of the firm’s top brass over their ineptness.

Labeling it as the 2019 water supply contingency plan, Manila Water said the water service interruptions from Barangays Claro, Duyan-Duyan, East Kamias, Pinyahan, Quirino 2-A, Quirino 2-B, Quirino 2-C, Quirino 3-A and West Kamias in Quezon City were scheduled from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. the following morning beginning March 14.

Bank personnel Loretta Jovellanos complained that Manila Water’s erroneous water distribution schedule had disrupted her regular work routine.

“I hope the water advisory is followed to the hilt to lessen public outrage,’’ Jovellanos said.

Another resident, Jayson San Jose, wants Manila Water officials to be punished to the fullest for their “great disservice to the public.’’

He said Manila Water should be embarrassed for creating so much frustration with their “lies’’ imploring the public to strictly observe the water interruption schedules.

What is more frustrating according to another angry resident Lani Sulatorio is the mental anguish and financial burden the water crisis has foisted on consumers.

“In the first place, this should not have happened if only the government made the right decision to spare the public from this predicament which had occurred numerous times in the past,’’ Sulatorio said.

Manila Water spokesman Jeric Sevilla has apologized and explained that their technical people really wanted to follow the water distribution schedule but the very high demand for water was simply too much, causing the late supply of water in high locations of its concession area.

Sevilla has earned the ire of the public over the water crisis.

Even if it is hard to comprehend, Sulatorio insisted “we have accepted the flimsy excuse that the critical level at la Mesa Dam was the culprit behind the water crisis.’’

“They should be the experts. These could have been prevented if only remedial measures were done in the past since this was not the first time that La Mesa Dam reached its critical level,’’ Sulatorio fumed.

“Those in government including the geniuses at Manila Water should rot in jail. If ordinary citizens who commit even petty crimes get imprisoned, why should they remain scot-free? They should be made accountable. An admission of fault or issuance of public apology is unacceptable,’’ she insisted.