‘Leave us alone’ — wife of former Iloilo City mayor to Duterte

By Tara Yap

Iloilo City —The wife of former Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Escalante Mabilog has appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to stop the attacks after her husband’s name was once again included in the newest narco list.

“You never brought any drug-related case against Jed because you have nothing on him. Despite having full control and disposal of intelligence funds and resources, you came up empty. Nada. Zero. Zilch. You resorted to lies and fabrication, which your own agencies have consistently rebutted. You think by continually shaming him and lying about him will do him damage. Leave us alone already,” urged Marivic Griengo Mabilog in an emotional Facebook post Friday.

Former Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog (TARA YAP / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)
Former Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog (TARA YAP / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

President Duterte, who repeatedly threatened to kill Mabilog for allegedly protecting the Odicta drug syndicate, singled out the latter’s name Thursday night while saying Mabilog might be in the United States or Canada. He even questioned the U.S. Embassy in Manila for granting Mabilog a U.S. visa.

Mabilog left the country late in August 2017 to attend several international conferences. His camp initially assured he will return, but the situation changed after President Duterte mounted the verbal attacks against him while agents of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) searched his house in Molo district without a warrant. Mabilog’s spokesman later announced that he, Marivic and their two children left the country as they feared for their safety.

By late October 2017, Mabilog was ordered dismissed by the Ombudsman for allegedly having unexplained wealth.

In previous statements, Mabilog repeatedly denied links to the illegal drug trade and denied amassing ill-gotten wealth.

Serial liar

Marivic also called President Duterte a “serial liar.”

“Don’t test the resiliency of the Filipinos. Remember the lessons of the past. Adolf Hitler, Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, Victor Lustig, and Ferdinand Marcos all inflicted significant damage to society before the public caught on. The citizens will catch on,” she added.

Instead of attacking Mabilog, Marivic suggested that President Duterte should shift his focus in addressing more important problems such as diminishing water supply, the rising cost of basic commodities, China’s alleged illegal workers, and China’s encroachment of country’s territory.

Last week, Marivic also slammed President Duterte for attacking her husband during the PDP-Laban rally in Negros Occidental province.

“Jed is your favorite whipping boy. It pains you to think that he was able to accomplish that much in Iloilo City in six short years that you failed to do in Davao in over 20 years,” Marivic expressed.

“Jed magnifies your failures as a person and as a government leader,” she added.