Gov’t rating ‘very good’ — SWS; End corruption radically — DU30

Published March 15, 2019, 12:52 AM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza & Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat



Fred M. Lobo
Fred M. Lobo

Most Filipinos are satisfied with the Duterte administration’s performance, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

76 percent of Pinoys are satisfied, DU30 is “very good,” SWS said.


Malacanang assured that with the “very good” survey results, there would be no room for complacency in government efforts to improve the lives of Filipinos and check corruption,

Yes, to thy promise be true.      Deliver more!


“The Palace considers this increase in satisfaction rating as a vote of public confidence and a demonstration of the people’s unshakeable trust in the present administration, which the polling firm classified as ‘very good,’” Presidential Spokesman  Salvador Panelo commented.

A “loud and clear repudiation” of his critics and detractors, Panelo claimed.


SWS said that its latest nationwide survey (conducted from Dec. 16 to 19, 2018) among 1,440 adult respondents found 76 percent of Filipinos satisfied, 15 percent neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 9 percent dissatisfied with the general performance of the current national administration.

This translates to a net satisfaction rating of +66 (percent satisfied minus percent dissatisfied), classified as “very good,” it concluded.


SWS pointed out that the latest net rating is 16 points higher than the very good +50 (65 percent satisfied, 15 percent dissatisfied) rating in September, 2018.

Up, up, and not awry!


Panelo also cited the administration’s “highest marks” in promoting women’s rights (+71), building and maintenance of public works (+70), helping the poor (+68), protecting human rights (+62), and reconstructing Marawi City (+60).

“These figures are loud and clear repudiations of the critics and detractors of PRRD (Duterte) who have described him as misogynistic, anti-poor, and anti-human rights, and who have taken turns in questioning the Build-Build-Build infrastructure program and lambasting the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Marawi,” he said.


Panelo claimed that the survey results indicated that most people were ignoring the tirades of the President’s critics.

“While the administration never impelled the vocal minority from expressing their dissent, it is time they finally realize that a sizeable but silent majority has paid no attention to their endless tirades against PRRD and the administration, as well as its policies, particularly with respect to the aforesaid matters,” he said.


Panelo also affirmed the government’s resolve to build a comfortable life for Filipinos during Duterte’s remaining term.

“As we go into the third year of the President’s term, the Filipinos can rest assured that we would not be lulled into complacency while we continue to roll out the programs and services he started in bringing a comfortable life for all under a peaceful and corrupt-free environment,” he said.


SWS said the Duterte administration’s net satisfaction rating rose from very good to excellent in Mindanao, up by eight points from +67 in September 2018 to +75 in December 2018;  upfrom good to very good in Visayas by 21 points from +42 in September to +63 in December; and from good to very good in Metro Manila, increasing by 20 points from +40 in September to +60 in December.

Let public satisfaction rise, let trust bloom.


SWS added Filipinos’ net satisfaction with the Duterte administration significantly improved from good to excellent in the upperto-middle class ABC (up by 25 points from +47 to +72), from good to excellent in class E or the “poorest,” (up by 21 points from +49 to +70); and stayed very good in class D or “masa” (up by 15 points from +50 to +65).

DU30 is becoming more acceptable to poor and rich Pinoys, SWS said.


Pres. Duterte, meanwhile, said a radical change overnight will be needed to put an end to corruption in government.

DU30 expressed exasperation over dishonest dealings in the bureaucracy.


Speaking at the 1st anniversary rites of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission in Malacañang ,Duterte lamented that “so many billions are lost every day” due to corruption because “the way the bureaucracy is set up, it is really conducive to or for corruption to thrive.”

“You would need a radical change overnight if you want corruption to stop,” he added.


Duterte said that he was exasperated with corruption in the bureaucracy that prompted him to offer his resignation twice in the past, like the Nayong Pilipino lease deal with a casino developer, and the ghost delivery of medicines to a military hospital.

Government officials involved in the alleged anomalous transactions have been fired and those who would do the same will likewise be fired, he warned.


The President pointed out he has directed authorities to reduce red tape and clearances in government transactions and ensure swift delivery of service, specifically at the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) .

“With those requirements, you will ensure corruption and it would come naturally and automatic,” he lamented.


The President urged the public to do its part and report any irregularity to his office in Malacanang.

“I have announced it then and now that anybody who has a complaint for itong mga corruption, extortion, pati itong big business, you have 24 hours to do it,” he said.


Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) Chairman Dante Jimenez said he  has deputized government agencies in accordance with the anti-graft and corruption body’s mandate.

Be our partners in anti-corruption drive, he appealed.


Delay in the service of suspension orders on erring public officials is allegedly happening in the Sandiganbayan as it was before  in the Tanod bayan.

“Parking fee” for suspension orders is apparently a thriving scheme, sources said.


Some justices may not know that their staff are delaying the service of suspension orders on House members and other public officials indicted for graft over the Malampaya funds and other cases before the Sandiganbayan, sources said.

Wake up, something is cooking …


PACC Commissioner Manuelito Luna said, “We are hoping for a faster issuance and implementation of preventive suspension because thisis a key part of the government’s anti-corruption program.”

No more “parking fee” for suspension orders! No more corruption in government!