Catchwalls built on landslide-prone road in Samar

By Betheena Unite

Catchwalls to protect motorists from landslides and rockfalls have been constructed on a landslide-prone area along Caglanipao National Road in Tinambacan District, Samar.

According to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the newly-built catchwalls cover the barangays of Cagmanipis and Caglanipao Sur.

The road, according to DPWH-Samar 1st District Engineer Alvin Ignacio, “is surrounded by unstable mountainous terrain which causes landslides and rockfalls that endanger a huge number of motorists, especially during rainy and typhoon season.”

This prompted the department to implement the project in June last year, Ignacio said.

A total of P100 million was spent to build the project which involved the construction of slope protection structure spanning a length of 463.7 meters on the landslide-prone area.

Ignacio further explained that concrete catchwalls were designed to restrain errant boulders that have broken off from the rock outcrop, as well as prevent loose soil from spilling over onto the roads.

DPWH Secretary Mark Villar said that previous tropical storms like Gorio, Salome, and Urduja have caused landslides resulting to “millions (of pesos) worth of damage and major inconvenience not just to the locals in the area but also to commuters.”

It can be recalled that tropical storm Gorio alone generated 15,000 cubic meters of soil and debris that covered approximately 138 meters of Calbayog-Allen Road traversing Caglanipao.