Roxas tells Duterte: My loyalty is to the Filipino people

Published March 14, 2019, 8:56 PM

by Ellalyn De Vera & Richa Noriega

By Aaron b. Recuenco

Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas wants President Duterte to look into his track record in public service as his former rival had questioned his loyalty and even taunted him a nobody whom the Chief Executive could shoot for free.

Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas greets supporters during his campaign series at Pasay Public Market on Saturday, March 2 2019. (MARK BALMORES / MANILA BULLETIN)
Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas greets supporters during his campaign series at Pasay Public Market on Saturday, March 2 2019. (MARK BALMORES / MANILA BULLETIN)

Roxas said that his main purpose in public service is to serve and be productive to the Filipino people for them to ease their hardship and eventually uplift them from poverty.

“Isa lang ang loyalty ko e, the Filipino people of the Filipino nation,” said Roxas.

Roxas statement is in response to President Duterte’s latest criticism on him by questioning his loyalty.

Duterte is apparently referring to Roxas having served under three administrations—former presidents Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Aquino III.

But for Roxas, what should be looked at were the things he did to help the Filipino people.

During the time of Estrada, Roxas said he was given the opportunity to become the secretary of the Department of Trade Industry where he initiated the setting up of call centers in the country.

He said the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has so far created more than one million jobs for the Filipino people and in a way helped decongesting Metro Manila as provincial college graduates need not go to the metropolis since call centers were already being set up in the provinces.

The BPO industry, he added, has also contributed billions of dollar worth of revenues to the Philippines.

“Under President Arroyo, I was given the opportunity to serve and work for the enactment of the Cheaper Medicine Law which cut the price of expensive maintenance medicines for high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer,” said Roxas.

It was also during the time of Arroyo, according to Roxas, when he prevented the entry of agricultural products from Europe, America and other countries to protect the interest of local farmers and fishermen.

Under the Aquino administration, Roxas said that he was able to introduce the concept of Bottom-Up-Budgeting (BUB) wherein it is the community which identifies the government projects that they want to be done in their barangay or community.

Roxas has been pitching the BUB as an alternative to pork barrel system wherein it is the legislators who choose what kind of projects and where the projects would be implemented.

The pork barrel system, it was recalled, was tagged as one of the major sources of corruption and is currently the reason behind the Senate and House Representatives squabble which resulted in the non-approval so far of the 2019 national budget.

“So para sa akin kung maka-contribute ka, kung makatulong ka, tutulong ka para mas mabilis natin marating yung kaunlaran ay magsagwan tayong lahat sa isang magandang direksyon,” said Roxas.

“Kung mabibigyan ako nag pagkakataon na magsilbi,kung makaka-contribute ako, why not?,” he added.