Police arrest 4 for credit card fraud

Published March 14, 2019, 2:56 PM

by AJ Siytangco

By Aaron Recuenco 

Police have arrested four suspected members of a small group of credit card fraudsters operating in Metro Manila.


Director Guillermo Eleazar, head of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), said the operation stemmed from a complaint of a security officer of the Resorts World in Manila about a woman using a possible falsified credit card.

She was later identified as 37-year old Czarynah Datu when the cops went to the area to check. The police arrested her later.

During the interrogation, Datu squealed the names of her accomplices which led the cops to follow-up operations in Manila and Quezon City. Three other suspects were arrested.

They were identified as Paul Cabalza, 45; Eduardo Nera Jr., 41; and Teresita Caranglan, 61.

“We checked with the bank if this person (Datu) is authorized to possess the credit card. But the bank said she is not, so it was the bank which filed the complaint against her,” said Eleazar.

The bank also confirmed that the credit card that was seized from Datu was used in illegal transactions, according to Eleazar.

Chief Supt. Crizaldo Nieves, deputy regional director for Operations, seized from the suspects were a skimming device, Louis Vuitton Booklet containing different card information and contact numbers of prospected subjects, several credit cards and identification cards.

He reminded credit card owners to be alert and be careful in using their cards.

“As much as possible, they should actually see their cards being swiped. If it is possible, they should accompany the waiter to the counter to see how their cards are used,” said Nieves.

Cases for violation of Republic Act 8484 (Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998), violation of RA 8239 (The Philippine Passport Act of 1996) and violation of Article 172 of RPC (Falsification by private individuals and use of Falsified Documents) will be filed against the suspects.