New disaster preparedness manual out in Cebu

By Minerva Newman

CEBU CITY –The revised guidelines protocol and manual for disaster prepared­ness is ready for distribution to local govern­ment units.

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) office in this city led over 117 Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) officers in Cebu prov­ince in following the revisions in the disaster preparedness manual in a disaster roll-out dialog at Northwinds Hotel Monday

James Andaya, DRRM regional focal person, said “Operation Listo” was first formulated by the DILG in October 2014, drawing from its experience during the Yolanda disaster.

The manual is designed from the three components of LISTO: Community, Family, and LGU preparedness.

Standards and guidelines were subse­quently added to come up with a reference material for governors, mayors, DRRM of­ficers, police chiefs, and fire marshals.

Some of the significant changes in the latest version (ver. 3) include the additional training that the constituents must undergo, supplies and equipment LGUs must have, and the criteria as basis for the declaration of being in the state of calamity, Andaya said.

He told the 117 DRRM officers at the dialogue that they must now focus on pre­paredness rather than response.

He underscored the relevance of the dialogue, saying the country experiences an average of 20 typhoons every year.

Andaya expects the DILG to finish dis­tributing copies of the manual to all officers in Cebu by the end of May.

The next dialogues will be held for Negros DRRM officers on March 18, for Siquijor on March 27, and Bohol on March 29. (With reports from Sarah Hazel Chavez, USC intern).