Prism, prism on the wall

Published March 11, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

CEO Huawei 2
Huawei rotating Chairman, Guo Ping (center), sues the US government over ‘unfair’ banning of Huawei products. With him are Huawei executives and legal advisers including Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping, Huawei Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Officer John Suffolk, and Huawei lawyer, Glen Nager.

Prism, prism on the wall, who’s the most trustworthy of them all? Thus said HUAWEI rotating Chairman Guo Ping in his keynote address at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as he shot back at the recent critical statements against the company by the US while citing the US National Security Agency (NSA) program that collects data from Internet providers as leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

“The irony is that the US Cloud Act allowed their entities to access data across borders” this implies that the US government is not innocent in terms of monitoring online communication.

Also, Gou said that the US government did not present any evidence to prove their accusations against Huawei.

Guo added, “Let me say this as clearly as possible. Huawei has never built backdoors, and we will never allow anyone to do so in our equipment. We take this responsibility very seriously.”

A few days later Huawei announced that it has filed a complaint in a US federal court that challenges the constitutionality of the government’s action restricting its business in the United States.

The case is the tech giant’s latest effort to defend itself from the US government’s claim that using Huawei technology is a security threat as it has ties to the Chinese government

In his recent visit, United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo warned that using Huawei technology poses risks to Filipinos as the company could not be trusted.

The country’s two dominant telcos seem to disagree as both are using Huawei equipment in their networks.

Globe will use Huawei technology in their 5G roll out program while PLDT/Smart has partnered with Huawei for the “strategic and commercial development of the 5G ecosystem in the Philippines.”

Globe CEO Ernest Cu also said that Huawei has managed to pass extensive checks done by UK and Israeli consultants.

So, do we need to worry and believe US in its warning that using Huawei technology is dangerous?

No. Not until the US could present a proof that supports its accusations against Huawei.

Also, despite the US government’s efforts to persuade its allies to ban Huawei, British intelligence concluded their investigation that the risk associated with using Huawei technology is manageable and that there are ways to limit these risks.