Parklane Commercial Corporation to feature ERA PP-R piping system at WORLDBEX 2019

In partnership with China’s ERA Plastic Industry Group/Yonggao Co., Ltd, Parklane Commercial Corporation, a distributor of high-quality water piping systems in the Philippines for almost 40 years, will showcase one of its most innovative products at the WORLDBEX 2019 Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition on March 13-17, 2019 at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center, Manila.

WORLDBEX participants will get a chance to see the ERA PP-R Hot & Cold Piping System as part of Parklane’s commitment to bring world-class construction materials at a reasonable cost to local contractors, retailers, and end users. This popular product is considered the future of piping systems since it has many advantages over PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or blue pipes.

Traditionally, PVC was used in construction, especially plumbing, because these plastic pipes are tough yet lightweight, easy to install, and reusable. Because of their smooth internal surfaces, PVC pipes allow water to flow quickly since there is less friction.

The bad news is that PVC pipes do not decompose. As such, they shouldn’t be used in high temperatures and in certain climates because the heat can warp the plastic. This also reduces the pipes’ strength, the reason they are recommended for cold water only.

The major disadvantage of PVC pipes is that they are usually glued together with a solvent glue and may leak over time. Since the glue is permanent, leaky parts have to be cut to be replaced. The joints can’t be separated.

ERA PP-R pipes is the new kid on the block made from 100% polypropylene random copolymer resins imported from Japan and Korea. This versatile piping system is well-known in the construction industry because it has many applications and can be used in various climates.

PP-R pipes are durable, easy to install, and have a lifespan of 50 years or more. They are rust- and corrosion-free. Compared to the health risks associated with plastic pipes manufactured before 1977, PP-R pipes are non-toxic and made from a harmless material. The best part is they are fuse-welded to ensure a leak-free connection.

Owing to their numerous benefits, PP-R pipes can be used for hot and cold water systems, making them ideal for hospitals and food establishments. Their strength and resistance to high temperature make them the best choice for central heating systems, air conditioning systems, potable water supply systems, industrial piping systems, and agricultural irrigation.