XLOG: Driving digital transformation in logistics

Published March 8, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

The logistics industry is still struggling in its digital journey weighed down by traditional infrastructure, operations and management hindering the growth and full potential of the enterprise. While it remains to be a significant contributor to the Philippine economy with an expected USD 12.68B in market growth by 2023, the industry needs to take a different and much more advanced approach.
Eugenio “Jun” Ynion, President of Shiptek Solutions Corp. said that the industry is marked with various logistical inefficiencies brought by prevailing error-prone manual business operations and processes.

Ynion is a prime mover in logistics having been in the industry for 25 years and establishing in 2003 Le Soleil International Logistics, a reputable total logistics solutions provider engaged in shipping local and international export, as well as importing cargo via air and surface routes.

He is now bent on pushing for the digitalization of the logistics industry though his most recent brainchild – Shiptek Solutions Corporation, a research and development company that created XLOG, an end-to-end digital platform that aims to provide shippers and business owners of SMEs and large corporations with an integrated and complete suite of all the essential logistics tools, paving the way for a seamless supply chain process.

XLOG gives users full management of their transactions, from booking and managing contracts to sourcing out suppliers and delivering of products. It is the first-of-its-kind to consolidate shipping, trucking, brokerage and warehousing services into one cloud-based platform.

Fast and Cost-effective Online Booking:

Quick Online Booking: XLOG offers shippers to save on time and resources by allowing them to book their logistics requirements online from reputable logistics service providers – from shipping and storage to trucking and customs brokerage.

Transparent Rates and Online Payments: Through XLOG, users can complete financial transactions with peace of mind. The platform provides users with a free online e-wallet and allows top-ups and fund withdrawals. It enables businesses to pay their suppliers online and send money in real-time. End-to-End Shipment Monitoring:

GPS Monitoring: XLOG also provides full visibility over shipments. Transport containers are attached with GPS devices to ensure security of goods and monitor current location of trucks and drivers.

Easy Transaction Management:

Shared Communication Platform: An in-app messaging facility is in place for secured and encrypted business communications. This enables shippers and logistics suppliers to send private messages and create group chats for seamless team communications. This feature also allows all parties involved in a transaction to efficiently coordinate for greater accountability.

Centralized Document Storage System: All important documents are also stored and shared online for easy reference in the future.

“As a Filipino company, we are committed to driving the country forward by not only creating jobs for our fellow Filipinos, but ensuring that they have access to the logistics solution of the future through XLOG. One of the highlights of the product is that users are given full transparency with their transactions – from their online financial settlements and  communications to the tracking of their shipment via GPS. Hailing from years of experience in the industry, security should always be at the forefront of business-to-business transactions.”remarks Ynion.