OPPO 3-in-1 camera trick is 10x lossless zoom technology

The prototype device that features three camera system that enables the world’s first 10x lossless zoom. The prototype device that features three camera system that enables the world’s first 10x lossless zoom.

OPPO has officially announced at the OPPO Innovation event 2019 that its 10x lossless zoom technology is now ready for primetime and would be available in a yet to be named device this second quarter of 2019. Announced early this year, OPPO today said that the technology is now ready for mass production.

To achieve this technological innovation, researchers of this global tech company has to combine three different cameras — ultrawide camera, 48MP main camera and the 10x zoom camera. OPPO also said that it has managed to have dual optical image stabillization (OIS) in the 10x zoom camera and the 48MP main camera to achieve higher antishake accuracy when taking photos.

The 10x lossless zoom is a new technology from OPPO that could allow ordinarys users to take extreme close up to distant subjects with clear high resolution results.

OPPO said that the triple camera system seamlessly enables the 10x lossless zoom where the 48MP primary camera guarantees photo quality and the telephoto camera combined with the ultra-wide camera ensures high-quality long distance shots.

I got to try the 10x lossless zoom with a three-camera setup prototype device and I was impressed with the results.

This 10x lossless zoom innovation shows that OPPO is in front of the bandwagon when it comes to mobile camera technology. We still have to wait though to see how this technology would fare in the real world in Q2 of this year when it officially come out in a new device.

At the Innovation Event, OPPO also presented the world’s first 10x lossless zoom technology. Another industry first, OPPO further empowers users and provides everyone the opportunity to take professional style photographs, without fearing any loss of quality.

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10x lossless zoom is a new technology created with industry-leading camera specifications including a triple-lens camera structure consisting of a telephoto lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, and main camera. To provide further value to users, OPPO also introduced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both the main camera and the telephoto lens to achieve higher, anti-shake accuracy that brings people closer to the world around them so that they never miss the unmissable.

Those who attended the Innovation Event also got to witness the premiere of OPPO’s showcase of some of the exciting real-life applications that users will get to enjoy with 5G; from hologram calls to AR shopping as well as demonstrations of perfect scenarios to use 10x lossless zoom.
OPPO will also have a presence at MWC in the Ericsson and Qualcomm booths, where visitors will get to experience cloud gaming through a live demo of SoulCalibur6 developed in partnership with Shadow, the leading high-performance cloud gaming company.

Within the top 5 smartphone brands in the world, OPPO shared some exciting announcements on the innovation behind its advancements in mobile technologies in 2019. Debuting a world-first 10x lossless zoom technology and industry leading developments in 5G technology, OPPO is cementing its reputation as an innovator in the mobile communications space.

Triple camera seamlessly enables 10x zoom
To employ the new technology, OPPO has developed a triple-camera solution consisting of “Ultra Wide Angle + Ultra Clear Master + Telephoto”. The ultra-wide-angle camera has an equivalent focal range of 15.9mm, bringing a unique capability to the wide-angle viewfinder. The primary camera guarantees photo quality, and the telephoto camera, with 159mm equivalent focal range, combined with the original "peep-up structure" to support high-magnification zoom, can ensure a high-quality long-distance shot.

OPPO’s innovative "triple-camera-relay" 10x lossless zoom technology
All three cameras operate in tandem to maximize their respective advantages, optimize imaging quality at various zoom ranges to achieve 10x zoom in a relay manner. To maintain image quality at all ranges, OPPO has introduced dual OIS optical image stabilization on both standard and telephoto cameras.

Original technology to create a clearer telephoto quality
In addition to the triple-camera structure, OPPO's pioneering "periscope structure " is also paramount to achieving 10x lossless zoom. The periscope-inspired design makes full use of the width and thickness of the phone through the lateral arrangement and refraction of the lens set. The space is saved, and the mobile phone can use a larger optical component under the premise of ensuring that the mobile phone body is thin and light, so that the mobile phone has a telephoto shooting capability.

In addition, OPPO uses the industry benchmark-level drop tests to ensure the reliability of the camera module. Among them, the prism part experienced two rounds of drop tests, with each round consisting 10,000 times on the front and back sides, and 2,000 times on the remaining four sides, adding to a total of 28,000 drop tests.

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OPPO launches next-generation biometrics
As the "last surprise" of this communication conference, OPPO also released a new wide zone optical fingerprint recognition technology, which effectively recognizes an area up to 15 times of the current mainstream optical solution. Users can unlock or pay by using fingerprint anywhere in the entire area. The on-screen optical fingerprint sensor provides users with a flexible, free and interactive experience that is also easy, natural and just right.

OPPO wide zone optical fingerprint recognition contains innovative functions such as two-finger simultaneous entry and authentication which exponentially improve payment security, achieving a security level 50,000 times of that of a single fingerprint. In addition, the next-generation solution also incorporates the "Optical Encryption" feature. Compared to the traditional two-step operations where users have to activate the encryption application before they are able to unlock, all applications in the "Optical Encryption Area" can be activated, authenticated and unlocked with one click. Products equipped with optical domain screen fingerprint technology will be launched in 2019, as suggested by an OPPO spokesperson.

Technology breakthroughs in smartphone photography are crucial to enhancing user experience. As an important enabler of mobile imaging technology, OPPO has been continuously exploring and innovating in the field of mobile computing optics and thus placing itself at the forefront of the industry. As the pioneer of hybrid optical zoom technology, OPPO's innovation brings mobile photography one step closer towards professional image quality.

OPPO 5G landing plan

OPPO hosted its first global Innovation Event in Barcelona, Spain. The OPPO brand takes inspiration from the amazing possibilities of the every day and in helping people to realize the beauty that is around them. Driven by consumer insights, OPPO has been investing heavily in innovation with a huge commitment to R&D. It is this commitment that helps OPPO to develop industry-first innovations time and time again, be it through image beautification technology, 5G, AI, AR/VR or other emerging mobile technologies.

5G is the future of the smartphone industry, bringing with it endless possibilities for creativity, imagination and closer connectivity. Today, OPPO brought the 5G era closer with the announcement of its first 5G smartphone and the OPPO 5G Landing Project. In this initiative, OPPO proposed and committed to bring into full play with the capability of carrier partners like Swisscom, Telstra, Optus- and more in-depth collaboration with potential partners like Singtel to promote the implementation of 5G products and services, so that consumers can experience new levels of performance and efficiency that will empower new use cases and connect new industries.