Commuting with GYPSY

Published March 4, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

In advertising they say you’ve got two-seconds to catch someone’s attention. What more if you’ve got about 66 minutes? According to GYPSY that’s the average time commuters spend in taxis or ride-sharing cars. For them, that is an opportunity to deliver specific advertisements to their exact target market.

GYPSY is an advertising platform for SMEs, agencies, individuals, and enterprises. Taxis are equipped with tablets that use facial recognition, which the device will profile the passenger’s age and gender. This will prompt the suitable advertisement. This allows advertisers to reach their target audience.

So far GYPSY is installed into 100 cars in Metro Manila. Yellowdot P2P buses are also equipped with tablets that use facial recognition. In this case, the tablets will profile all the passengers and deliver a general advertisement.

GYPSY aims to deliver aim end-to-end solution for different marketing goals. GYPSY claims their platform has 300-500K daily impressions, which 55% has retained attention to the advertisement. To improve this, according to GYPSY CEO, Geoff Danielle Mabasa, mentioned that it is quite uncommon to find a tablet strapped in a taxi. This will initially draw the attention of the user and most likely even try to play with it. To keep the momentum running, Mabasa said that they intend to develop interactive advertisements to keep passengers interested for as long as possible.

GYPSY also uses geofencing and location targeting. This allows them to limit ads to specific areas. For example, advertisers can set their cosmetic advertisements within BGC area.

Clients who use the platform will receive real-time data, effectively allowing them to make necessary adjustments. Time-specific ads will also allow GYPSY clients to maximize their reach within their target audience.

Advertisers don’t need to outsource data processors as GYPSY provides end-of-campaign fulfilment reports to measure the campaign’s efficiency and effectivity.

This also serves as an opportunity for ride-hailing drivers to maximise their earning potential with in-car display ads streamed on a tablet device hung over the back of the headrest for rear seat passengers to watch. GYPSY helps drivers earn additional revenue, while engaging passengers.