5 things you can do with the new BPI online banking platform

Published March 4, 2019, 12:00 AM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), considered as a leader in banking innovation, recently redesigned and enhanced its online banking platform to improve security and enrich user experience.

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The upgrade also supports the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) mandate to create a cash-lite economy, defined as having 20 percent of all transactions performed online by the year 2020.

BPI’s new digital channels aim to shift majority of the traditional banking transactions to ‘digital’ and at the same time provide Filipinos better and more convenient access to financial products and services.

For those who haven’t enrolled yet at BPI online banking, here are five things you can do:

1. Personalize Debit Mastercard settings

In a separate report, the BSP said that while Filipinos are becoming more aware of online banking, users are still ambivalent about, or disinclined to use such digital services.

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Security and safety have been greatly enhanced with the new BPI Online facility. BPI clients can now personalize their Debit Mastercard settings with the new Card Control feature of the site. Cardholders can change purchase limits, enable or disable international access, temporarily block or unblock cards, and tag cards as lost. Aside from providing users immediate action to prevent unauthorized and malicious activities using their bank accounts, this new feature will no longer require a long process for account changes.

To change your card settings via BPI Online, just go to Other Services, then select Card Control.

2. Check remittance status with just a few clicks

BPI customers can now check their remittance status easily on the new BPI Online with just a few clicks. All they have to do is to key in their transaction number to receive remittance updates anytime.

With this, BPI cardholders no longer need to call a BPI branch just to make an inquiry. To access this feature, just go to Other Services then click on Remittance Services.

3. Load prepaid phones*

In its quarterly publication entitled “Financial Inclusion in the Philippines,” the BSP said the country has recorded 59 percent smartphone adoption, with 120 percent SIM penetration. To make it easy for smartphone users to load their accounts, BPI has made the process all convenient and secure.

The new BPI Online now allows users to do seamless prepaid reloading to more telco networks like Globe, Smart, Sun, and TnT. To access this feature, just select Payments/ Load from the menu then click on the Load Prepaid Phone option.

4. Pay prepaid bills*

Clients can also now pay their prepaid utility services, such as those offered by Meralco and Cignal, with the new BPI Online, saving them the hassle of queuing in service centers. Just select Payments/ Load from the menu, then click the Load Other Prepaid option.

5. Transfer funds more conveniently*

A favorite feature, the “Fund Transfer to Anyone” function now has an interesting touch to its functionality. You can now easily send money to anyone through the “Transfer via QR code” feature. This allows you to experience the ease and security of the latest technology in cashless and digital payments.

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This method is also less prone to mistakes, since all you have to do is to import a digital copy of the recipient’s QR code to your computer, eliminating the need to key in the 10-digit account number.

To do this, just go to Transfer Money then Transfer to 3rd Party, then proceed with importing the QR code of the recipient of the funds.

(*These features are also available in the new BPI Mobile app.)