PH ranks 90th in rule of law performance

By MB Online

The Philippines ranked 90th in the Rule of Law performance survey conducted by the World Justice Project on some 126 countries.

The Philippines got an index score of 47 and was ranked 13th in its region by the WJP.

The results of the WJP Rule of Law Index was released Thursday.

Some 3,800 surveys were conducted on 120,000 households in 126 countries and evaluated to determine the rankings of the countries.

WJP’s surveys evaluated eight factors, namely, constraints on government powers, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil Justice, and criminal justice.

For the constraints on government powers factor, WJP found out that more countries’ index scores declined rather than improve.

WJP noted that for a second year in a row there has been a decline in the rule of law, a trend which they view as a sign of rising authoritarianism in some of the countries surveyed.

“This slide in rule of law in general and checks on government powers in particular is deeply concerning,” commented Elizabeth Andersen, executive director of WJP.

They have also noted a decline in criminal justice, open government and fundamental rights index scores of the countries in the survey pool.

On a more positive note, WJP noted that more countries’ index scores improved in the absence of corruption factor with Denmark, Norway, and Finland figuring in the top three.

On the other hand, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia and Venezuela ranked at the bottom three.

The rule of law index used the 3,800 surveys to gauge how the rule of law is “experienced and perceived in practical and everyday situations by the general public worldwide.”