‘EDSA I is about God’s love & mercy’ – Balanga Bishop Santos

Published February 24, 2019, 12:39 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Christina Hermoso

A Catholic Church leader reminds the Filipino people that “EDSA I, the People Power revolution is all about God’s love and mercy.”

Bishop Ruperto Santos (CBCP / MANILA BULLETIN)
Bishop Ruperto Santos

“As we commemorate EDSA I today, let us remember that the People Power revolution was all about God’s love and mercy for the Filipino people. Let us give back the credit to GOD. He is the reason why it took place, our almighty God who makes all things possible and peaceful,” said Balanga Bishop Ruperto C. Santos.

“It is Him, whom we have to remember, to be grateful and offer our gratitude. EDSA I is about God’s love and mercy, His desire to give us back our freedom. It was a peaceful revolution, in that no life was lost. Remember God today. Recall His divine intervention and miracles,” the head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People said.

“Let us also remember and pray for all those who walked, stayed, and prayed, the selfless, who shared food with one another, the kind hearted, who wished and spoke caring and forgiving words to all. EDSA I is about the bravery and faith of the Filipino people. It is not about a particular person or a particular group,” Santos said.

Special masses will be celebrated today at the Mary Queen of Peace Shrine, also known as the EDSA shrine in Quezon City in celebration of the EDSA People Power I that toppled the administration of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

A short procession bearing the image of Our Lady of Peace will also be held. Novena masses were held from Feb. 16 to 24.

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop and former CBCP president Socrates B. Villegas said, the millions of Filipinos who took part in the peaceful uprising “believed that the Blessed Mother had a hand in what happened. The faithful believed that she was with them, as they carried her image, sang hymns, and prayed the holy rosary.” The EDSA shrine was built in 1989 or three years later in commemoration of the memories of the People Power revolution and its peaceful conduct and outcome.