Motorcycle thieves killed in shootout with QC cops

By Alexandria San Juan

Two suspected motorcycle thieves were killed after engaging in a shootout policemen, who caught them dismantling a motorbike at a vacant lot in Quezon City, before dawn Friday.

(Jun Ryan Arañas / MANILA BULLETIN) (Jun Ryan Arañas / MANILA BULLETIN)

Investigators of Quezon City Police District described the suspects, who have yet to be identified as in their early 40s, both wearing black jacket, shorts and t-shirts.
According to the police, personnel of Quezon City Police Station 6 received a call through the Philippine National Police (PNP) hotline at around 1:30 a.m. about the presence of four suspicious men who entered a vacant lot on Marahan Subdivision at Sorsogon Street in Barangay Payatas.

Policemen were tipped off that the men were seen dismantling two motorcycles, prompting them to proceed to the area to verify the report.

Upon arriving at the place, the suspects apparently sensed the presence of the policemen as two of the suspects suddenly pulled out their handguns, and fired at the cops which led to a shootout.

The encounter ended after police officers hit the two suspects in different parts of their bodies, killing them on the spot, while their two other cohorts escaped.

Seized from the slain suspects were a red Suzuki Skydrive, black Honda Beat motorcycles, and a motorcycle plate number (NE 78518) which will be subject for verification as to its rightful owners.

Also recovered from the two men were two caliber-.38 revolvers without serial number, and a coin purse containing eight sachets of suspected shabu.