Giving thanks all the time

Published February 22, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Nelly Favis-Villafuerte
Nelly Favis-Villafuerte


Giving thanks – two small words that have positive impact to improve our relationship with other people. Not just our relationship with other people but to change our life. It is not just businessmen who should make it their lifestyle to say thank you sincerely. All of us need it. Makes our daily life less stressful and fulfilling.

I am amazed that street vendors plying their trade in our neighborhood never forget to say “Thank you, po” when people buy from them. Street vendors of fruits, vegetables, slippers, taho, small houseware items and other commodities in our neighborhood – all of the vendors always say “thank you” to their customers. It is as if the street vendors took a crash course on how to deal with their customers and how to generate more repeat orders.

I observed too that there is a unique style and grace in the way the street vendors in our neighborhood say thank you. It is so personalized and sincere – and it is always accompanied with a smile. No wonder the street vendors plying their business in our neighborhood have developed a core of loyal customers every day. Fantastic marketing weapon of the street vendors!

The street vendors are happy people of grace and gratitude. They are grateful people who never complain or groan about their status in life. They are proud of their touching stories of survival.

I could not help but compare the attitude of gratitude of the lowly street vendors with the other sectors of society like the powerful and wealthy executives and officials in the corporate world – both in the government and in the private sectors. There are similarities of course but there are also variations. We have our individual stories and experiences to tell on this matter.

When should we say thank you? From birth to death, there are many occasions when we should say thank you – for little things in life as well as big things in life. Giving thanks should not be reserved for special holiday seasons or for special business occasions. There is also no perfect time for saying thank you. Giving thanks is not limited to the business world (bosses, customers, clients, co-workers) but also to our parents, other family members and relatives, drivers, household helpers whom we encounter in our daily lives and who render us special acts of kindness and other little favors every moment our lives.

Yes, we should not be selfish in expressing our gratitude. The more we practise the art of saying thank you with grace, ease and sincerity, the more self-fulfilled we feel. Giving thanks should flow from our lips and body language naturally, spontaneously, and with grace.

It is never out of fashion to say a sincere thank you to show our appreciation and recognition to others. Giving thanks is a sign of good breeding. Don’t you think so?

In this life, we have so much blessings to thank for. Indeed, it would be nice to reciprocate/express our appreciation to others for something nice that they have done for us.

Have a joyful day!