Dagupan targets to vaccinate 12,000 cats, dogs

By Philippine News Agency

DAGUPAN CITY -- The City Veterinary Office (CVO) here has already vaccinated 2,000 pet cats and dogs in 10 barangays of the city since January 1 this year, out of its 12,000 targets to prevent the spread of rabies virus.

City veterinarian Dr. Daniel Paolo Garcia said they have already surveyed about 10 barangays in the city and have been continuously making rounds to vaccinate every pet animal against rabies.

“Our target is to vaccinate 12,000 animals in the city –the same number we have accomplished last year in the 31 barangays of the city,” he said in an interview Thursday.

The CVO has been organizing scheduled trips to barangays, in coordination with barangay officials for the vaccination of pet animals.

“At least one week before we make our visit, we notify the residents that we will conduct anti-rabies vaccination and the results are so far positive as they do not have to bring their pets to our office to avail of the vaccine,” Garcia said.

Aside from Dagupan City, the CVO also vaccinates animals in neighboring towns.

“We are also vaccinating them in order to prevent rabies outbreak in boundary barangays. It is the best preventive measure we can do,” he said.

The office has assured an ample supply of anti-rabies vaccine for pet animals.

Garcia added the office will conduct school tours in order to lecture students on the proper animal care, and what to do when scratched or bitten, in line with the Anti-Rabies Awareness Month on March.

“People, especially in far-flung areas, still practice tandok, or the method of placing onions or garlic when bitten. This is not the right way, which is why, we need to teach the children the proper way so that they may teach it to their families,” he added.