Army Commander slams CPP-NPA Terrorist’s brutality against civilians

By Francis Wakefield

The Army's 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division under the leadership of Major General Dinoh Dolina is one with the Negrenses in condemning in the strongest possible terms the CPP-NPA Terrorist’s relentless killing rampage in Negros Island victimizing defenseless civilians.

Dolina said the latest victims of their alleged killing spree were Jonybert Sabeco, 40, former Revolutionary Proletarian Army (RPA) member and a resident of Sitio Cara-an, Brgy Tampalon, Kabankalan City; and Reynaldo Loque-Loque, 30, of Sitio Abaca, Barangay Nalundan, Bindoy, Negros Oriental.

Sabeco, according to Dolina, was brutally killed by unidentified communist terrorists on February 19, 2019 while Loque-Loque was shot to death outside of his own house on February 18, 2019.

“This is a very serious human rights matter wherein CPP-NPA Terrorist boastfully claiming the responsibility of killing civilians. It is a clear violation of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law on which the CPP-NPA-NDF is one of the signatories,” Dolina said.

"The CPP-NPA Terrorist and its support groups keep saying that they are freedom fighters and human rights defenders, but their words are in contrary to their deeds. These are deceptive slogans designed to mislead the people. The truth here is they don’t value human rights and human life. They are the true murderers and human rights violators," he added.

Last January 29, 2019, the CPP-NPA Terrorist also allegedly heartlessly murdered a village watchman in front of his daughter in Brgy Carol-an, Kabankalan City.

“We challenge the Karapatan and its allied groups claiming that they are human rights advocates to denounce the brutality of the communist terrorists. If you are true human rights defenders, show up, dig deep and help the families of the victims attain justice,” he said.

Further, the Army Commander called on the Negrenses to continue cooperating with the government troops by providing information on the whereabouts of the CPP-NPA terrorists especially those who are behind yet another brutal crime to stop them from casting more atrocities.