Local brokerage offers new online trading tools

Published February 11, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By James A. Loyola

AAA Southeast Equities is reinventing itself to cater to the next generation of stock investors with the planned launch of its online trading platform with first-in-the-market features next month.

The stock brokerage firm is rebranding itself as AAA Equities and aims to cater mainly to individual retail investors with its never-before-seen online trading platform in the Philippines.

“Apart from offering the standard features already familiar to those proficient with online trading, AAA Equities will be the first and only online brokerage that will enable traders to automatically strategies like cut-losses and buying on breakouts,” said AAA Equities President William Cabangon.

Through this platform, traders will be able to automatically send a sell order for a stock if the stock ever goes below a certain price in real-time.

“This simple buy very powerful tool is the first of its kind for online traders in the Philippines,” said Cabangon adding that they acquired the platform from Direct FN of Dubai.

Describing such orders sent automatically as “conditional orders,” Cabangon explained that, “this is game changing for traders, who previously had to watch the market’s every move, or else risk losing money by missing key buy and sell targets.”

“It is so time-consuming to watch the market that its like a second full-time job for investors. With this platform, they can be on vacation without fear of losing all their money when the stock price falls,” he noted.

For sophisticated traders who are familiar with technical analysis, AA Equities offers unprecedented control over their trade execution.

The automation of their strategy enables them to generate and send orders faster than they previously could, giving them a big speed edge in the hyper-competitive market.

For investors who balance trading with their professional career, the AAA Equities platform allows them to set their strategy before the trading day begins with “off-hours order.” These orders are sent to the exchange automatically once the market opens.

According to Cabangon, “by coupling their off-hours orders with the strategies afforded by conditional orders, these investors can rest easy and go about their day in the office, knowing that they have a trade prepared no matter how the market move.”