Food firm to stop preserved tawilis production

By Jan Carlo Anolin

Following the announcement of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that Sardinella tawilis are now endangered species, a local food firm has declared that it will stop making preserved tawilis.

San Marino (Logo from San Marino / FACEBOOK) San Marino (Logo from San Marino / FACEBOOK)

San Marino Brand posted on Twitter Friday that they will begin to withdraw its stocks from all stores as soon as possible.

The manufacturer is referring to a certain bottled and canned product namely San Marino Premium Tawilis.

The firm said it is “commited to doing its share in protecting and preserving our marine wildlife and resources.”

“We will work closely with government regulatory bodies and Taal Lake authorities to help preserve our precious Sardinella tawilis,” San Marino added.
IUCN declared Tawilis as endangered species last Thursday due to the alarming decrease in its population.