Weird Gadgets at CES 2019

CES is a treasure trove of technological experiences. There’s always something interesting to see that can bring smiles, awe, excitement, and with a raised eyebrow, the notorious “Why though?”

Here are some of the weirdest devices that were seen at CES 2019.

Royole Top Hat and Shirt


Royole is getting a lot of buzz because of their bendable phone. (It bends, it doesn’t fold, don’t @ me.) Royole also happens to have a top hat and a shirt with screens. It can display videos and pictures from your phone and it costs $899.

 Ellcie Healthy Glasses


These glasses were developed to keep you awake when it senses drowsiness by blinking specially designed lights. It can also activate an alarm via smartphone to kick out that sleepiness while on the road.

Monit Diaper Sensor


This little round device is attached to your little one’s diaper and will send you notifications via smartphone if it’s time for a nappy change. It’s really weird but in some way it makes sense, especially for single parents who are doing chores and work at the same time.

Hyundai Elevate


Hyundai introduced a concept where cars have legs and can walk. Literally walk. It sounds weird at first and but it is being developed as the future of first responders. With legs, a car would be able to better navigate around traffic, immediately reach higher places, and go down to areas to reach someone as fast as possible.



This is ShopPal, your number one pal when you go shopping. This box robot will follow you around so you can deposit all your shopping bags inside it.


Y Brush

The guy on the picture above, who kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhall, is wondering what's the device he's holding. You are probably too. That is the Y-Brush. You bite on this device and push the button to emit sonic vibrations to clean your teeth. It just takes 10 seconds.



This is an age where robots are becoming common and accessible to consumers. The Pibo is a social robot just wants to hang around and make friends. One of its selling point is that the Pibo, “Hates to be alone” and its main tagline as “Always with you.” Let those sink in for a minute.